Sky, from August 10 a new channel, but only for a few days: which is

From August 10 on Sky is available the new channel Fox Crime Criinal Minds. Here's how to see it and until which day

For lovers of detective stories there is a nice surprise from August 10 on Sky: for the next three weeks, the channel FoxCrime +1 (number 117 of the satellite platform) is transformed into Fox Crime Criminal Minds, one of the longest running TV series of the last decade. The success of Criminal Minds is under everyone's eyes: fifteen seasons, more than 320 episodes and even two spin-offs that have given rise to parallel plots.

Sky has decided for this month of August to make a gift to all fans of detective and crime TV series: a channel dedicated exclusively to Criminal Minds. This is a rather common practice on the part of the satellite broadcaster, which already in the past has dedicated entire channels to particular genres of films or important sagas. This is, however, one of the first times that Sky devotes an entire channel to a TV series. But as we have already said, with over 300 episodes of about 45 minutes with Criminal Minds is possible to do so.

How to see Fox Crime Criminal Minds on Sky

From August 10, Fox Crime +1 changes skin and for the next three weeks will be called Fox Crime Criminal Minds. As you can easily guess, channel 117 of the satellite will be dedicated exclusively to the crime TV series produced by ABC and which has now reached its fifteenth season.

To see Fox Crime Criminal Minds on Sky you must be subscribed to the Sky TV package, without the need to retune the channels. From the morning of August 10 in place of Fox Crime +1 is already present Fox Crime Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds, what is the TV series about

Criminal Minds is one of the most successful crime series in recent years. The TV series focuses on a particular section of the FBI dedicated to the behavioral analysis of serial killers. For those who loved Netflix's Mindhunter, you can't help but appreciate Criminal Minds, which can be considered a bit of a putative father.

As in all detective shows, the investigative team has its special agents: there are those who specialize in analyzing the most obsessive criminals, those who are computer wizards, and those who have above-average IQs but are unable to operationally descend into the field.