Sky, from August 12 a new cinema channel and news for users

For the summer Sky adds a new cinema channel and five new channels for subscribers to digital terrestrial: here's what they are

Sky Summer Days is the name of the summer initiative of the satellite broadcaster reserved for its customers: from August 12 to September 17 there is a new cinema channel dedicated to the great Italian and international films and for those who subscribe to digital terrestrial are available 5 new sports channels on SkyGo. The new features are designed for all those who, even on vacation, can't do without watching their favorite programs, including on demand.

The new cinema channel, which follows Fox's initiative that has just launched for three weeks the Fox Crime Criminal Minds channel dedicated exclusively to episodes of the TV series, will be available for a little over a month for all subscribers to the cinema package, both on satellite and on digital terrestrial. Sky Cinema per te will also be available on SkyGo. Remaining within the platform on demand, Sky has added for those who are subscribers to digital terrestrial 5 new channels: SkySport Football, SkySport Arena, SkySport Collection, SkySport F1 and SkySport MotoGP. Here's all the news of the summer of Sky.

What and where to see Sky Cinema for you

From August 12 to September 17, the schedule of Sky is enriched with a new channel: Sky Cinema for you. The channel will be available to all subscribers to the cinema package. The programming of Sky Cinema per te is quite varied: great Italian films, comedies, classics and romantic titles. Films such as "Tuttaposto", "Gli anni piĆ¹ belli" and "7 ore per farti innamorare" will be broadcast.

The channel is present at number 311 (HD) and 341 (standard) for all satellite or internet subscribers, while for digital customer users it is present on channel 484. Sky Cinema per te can also be watched on vacation on SkyGo using your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Sky digital terrestrial, five new channels: what are they

For those who have a subscription to digital terrestrial, Sky Summer Days provides the addition of five new sports channels on SkyGo, reserved for those who have also subscribed to the Sky Sport package. These are: SkySport Football, SkySport Arena, SkySport Collection, SkySport F1 and SkySport MotoGP.

To access SkyGo you need to be subscribed to the platform and use one of the supported devices. This way you can watch Formula 1 and MotoGP Grand Prix during the vacations directly from your smartphone.