Sky, from July 1 goodbye to four channels: what are they

Sky announced that four channels will be eliminated from the schedule from July 1: here are

First the message posted on its Facebook page and then the official confirmation of the Sky Service: from July 1 the channel Man-Ga will no longer be visible on the satellite platform. But it will not be the only one. In fact, as you can read on the online site of Sky Support will be four channels that will end their broadcasts. Besides Man-Ga, also Fox Life, Dove and Lei.

The reason is explained by the same satellite broadcaster: the license to broadcast the channels has expired and the agreement for the renewal has not been found. What will happen? Very simple: the schedule will be updated and the four channels will be permanently removed. For lovers of Japanese anime and TV series is a bad blow, but it is not excluded that in the future there will be new channels that will broadcast similar television programs. The same managers of the Man-ga channel, in a message posted on Facebook, have given their users an appointment with news that will arrive soon.

Why the four channels will no longer be available on Sky from July 4

The reason is explained by the same Sky assistance: the agreement between the satellite broadcaster and the publisher of the various channels has expired and has not been renewed. Nothing to worry about: this is a fairly usual occurrence for Sky's programming and already in previous months something similar had happened with the Disney Junior channels that from May 1 are no longer visible. In that case, however, the decision was taken by Disney itself to push the new Disney+ platform.

What changes for users

What should users do from July 1? And most importantly, what should be done with the programs of the four channels saved on the decoder?

As for the channel schedule, users don't have to do anything: it will be updated automatically by Sky. As for the programs saved on the decoder, however, will remain available until the date indicated at the time of download, after which they will be deleted.

The TV series broadcast on Fox Life, such as Grey's Anatomy, Outlander and The Resident, will be programmed in the coming months on the Fox and Fox Crime channels, still present on the Sky schedule.