Sky Go Android: how to download it and how it works

The satellite broadcaster's live streaming service can also be viewed from Android smartphones or tablets. Here's how to download the app and how to access

Who said you need a satellite dish to watch Sky? Although the satellite system is the main way to access the programming of the British broadcaster, some services and applications allow you to watch Sky streaming from PC and Android and iOS smartphones. We're referring, in particular, to Sky Go, Sky's streaming service that gives you access to much of the TV programming and thousands of movies and TV series on demand whenever you want.

If, for example, you want to access Sky Go on Android to watch soccer matches in live streaming (or any other program of the satellite broadcaster) you just need to download the app and have a fast and stable connection. First, however, you'll have to make sure that you meet the minimum requirements. Don't know what they are? Then just read the following paragraphs, to find out how to download Sky Go Android and watch satellite channels on your smartphone.

What you need to watch Sky on your smartphone

To access Sky programming from your smartphone you must already be a customer of the British satellite broadcaster. Sky Go can only be activated if it is linked to a satellite subscription, on which it is totally dependent. The channels that you can see on Sky Go, in fact, are the same ones you already see on your TV at home. If, for example, your subscription does not include the soccer package, you will not be able to see the Serie A matches in live streaming, while if you do not have the Cinema package you will not be able to access movies and TV series broadcast on Sky channels ad hoc.

In addition to the subscription, however, you must also have a Sky ID, which is an active account on the Sky site and linked directly to your subscription. If you don't remember your Sky ID credentials, follow the recovery wizard by clicking on the "Login" button on the home page and then on the links "Forgot your password?" and "Forgot your email?".

Differences between Sky Go and Sky Go Plus

For the past few years, the satellite television broadcaster has introduced a differentiation in the Sky Go world, launching the Plus service. The differences between Sky Go and Sky Go Plus are not many, but still significant. With Sky Go you can associate up to two devices of your choice between Windows computers, macOS and Android or iOS devices; with Sky Go Plus you can associate up to four devices of your choice and simultaneously watch programs on two associated devices.

Obviously, there are also differences in terms of services offered to the user. Both subscriptions allow you to access the same programming and the same movies and TV series on demand; the Sky Go Plus subscription, however, allows you to pause programs and resume them when you want or download a movie, game or episode of a TV series to your device and watch it when you want.

How to activate Sky Go and Sky Go Plus

Before you can watch Sky on your smartphone, however, you need to activate the option on your satellite subscription. To do so, you'll need to log in with your Sky ID, enter the Do-It-Yourself area in the Promotions section. Click on the Discover button and follow the guided procedure. In order to activate Sky Go you must have been a customer for at least one year, while to activate Sky Go Plus you must subscribe to the Extra program.

Sky Go Android, compatible devices

If until recently the devices compatible with Sky Go Android were a small number, today the audience is much wider. All you need to install the app is a smartphone or tablet running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher.

How to download Sky Go on Android

The Sky Go Android app is available from the Google Play Store and can be downloaded by anyone with an Italian Google account. Just click on the "Install" button, wait for the download and the installation process. Thanks to the European geoblocking regulation, however, you can continue to watch Sky Italia programs on your smartphone from any country in the European Union.

How to watch Sky on your smartphone

Once you've installed the app, simply click on the Sky Go icon that has appeared on your smartphone's home screen (or in the app drawer) and wait for it to load. On the main page of the app will appear some small boxes with live programs divided by category: you can easily access the programming of Entertainment, Sports and Movies depending on the active packages on your satellite subscription. In case of first time use, as soon as you try to launch a program you will be asked to login: enter the credentials of your Sky ID and that's it.

How much does Sky Go consume on your smartphone

Before you start watching live games on Sky Go Android it is worth checking the data consumption of the service. If you use Sky Go with a Wi-Fi connection, in fact, there are no problems of any kind, but if, however, you want to watch Sky on your smartphone while you're away from home you have to be careful about the consumption of gigs, not to run the risk of data or exceed the threshold and pay a hefty bill.

So, how much consumes Sky Go? On smartphones about 500 megabytes per hour, on tablets, however, consumption doubles to 1 gigabyte per hour.