Sky Go doubles and increases the features offered to users

Satellite TV launches the SkyGo Plus application: it will be possible to download content through Download&Play and watch it offline at a later date

The modalities of use for Sky customers have increased. In fact, the company is launching a new application, Sky Go Plus, which includes Download&Play, Restart, Pause and Replay commands on mobile devices as well.

Sky Plus also doubles the number of devices available to each subscriber from 2 to 4. "

Sky Plus also doubles the number of devices available to each subscriber from 2 to 4. "These innovations - as stated in the company's press release - are part of an intense technological roadmap that will involve all Sky customers by the end of the year. Let's take a closer look at the new features introduced by the new application. The most interesting is the "Download&Play" function. Con questa funzionalità sarà possibile scaricare su qualsiasi dispositivo mobile programmi, film, documentari e serie TV e guardarli in qualsiasi momento, anche quindi offline.

Anche Sky Go cambia

skygoplus.jpgFonte foto: Reedazione

Sky Go Plus

Le funzionalità del My Sky saranno disponibili anche sul Sky Go, l’app che da un paio di anni offre programmi, film, documentari e serie tv gratuitamente a tutti i clienti Sky.  L’applicazione oltre a presentare una nuova interfaccia grafica metterà a disposizione degli abbonati i comandi  Restart, Pausa e Replay, presenti da anni sul decoder My Sky. In pratica quindi sarà possibile riavviare dall’inizio un programma che è già in onda, oppure fermarlo e riprenderlo successivamente anche su tablet e smartphone. Con l’ultima release, i contenuti su Sky Go saranno inoltre più navigabili e visibili. The app will also have a new logo.

The new features introduced by Sky probably won't end with Sky Go Plus. As Pietro Marzana, the company's Chief Commercial Officer, says: "Sky Go Plus is just the first of many innovations that over the coming weeks will enrich the Sky Experience for all our customers, and it's a service that will give a further boost to the mobile experience, especially on demand, of Sky programmes.