Sky, how to request the discount on the subscription for Sport and Football

Sky launches a new initiative for its customers: discount on the Football and Sport packages until May 31, 2020. How to request it

Sky's initiatives continue in favor of its subscribers to better face this difficult period. After launching two new cinema channels visible to all subscribers (both on satellite and on digital terrestrial) and giving the opportunity to those who have a full subscription to see some Primafila films for free, now Sky is also thinking of those who have the Sport and Football packages in their subscription.

These customers can already take advantage of the opportunity to see all Sky packages at no extra cost until the end of April, but from today they can get a discount on their subscription until May 31, 2020. With sports completely stopped and without the possibility of showing any event live, Sky thought to reward the loyalty of its customers with a discount of 15.20 euros per month for the Sport and Football packages. To request it, all you have to do is access the Do-It-Yourself area, enter the Promotions section and follow the procedure to get the discount on the packages. Here's how it works.

Why Sky is offering subscribers a discount on the Sport and Football packages

Sports is going through a difficult time, with all the major world competitions stopped because of the Coronavirus and television broadcasters like Sky have had to re-invent the schedule to fill the spaces left empty. In recent weeks, the satellite broadcaster has launched new formats that include interviews with the great Italian sportsmen and women, in-depth programs, all to keep company with the millions of Italians confined to their homes because of the lockdown.

Unable, however, to broadcast live events (except for eSports races as has already happened with MotoGP and Formula 1), Sky has decided to discount the Sport and Football packages for April and May. An initiative designed to reward the most loyal customers.

How to request the discount on Sky's Sport and Football packages

A monthly discount of €15.20 for those who have activated both packages and €7.60 for those who, instead, only have an active package. This is the new initiative of Sky in favor of its subscribers to overcome the period we are living.

The procedure for obtaining the discount is very simple: you have to enter the Area Fai da Te of the Sky site and enter your credentials. At this point you must click on the Promotions button and click on the box "Coronavirus emergency discount". A new page will open in which it is explained how the discount works (15.20 euros per month until May 31, 2020) and by pressing on "Request discount" you will access a section in which it is shown the price to be paid for the coming months. By clicking on "Confirm" the discount is activated.