Sky Mobile, the new operator will arrive in Italy in 2019

The Sky group, famous in Italy for pay-tv, will land in spring 2019 also in the world of mobile telephony, here's how its offers will be

The spring of 2019 will bring in Italy a new mobile operator. After Iliad and Ho.Mobile, will in fact make its debut in our market also Sky Mobile, the phone company managed by the company of the famous pay-tv.

The assumptions for this launch were created in March 2018 when the Sky group announced the agreement with Open Fiber on FTTH fiber optics (that is, the fiber connection that comes directly into the home and ensures the highest connection speeds). It was thought to be a new step forward for streaming and on-demand services, which will most likely come anyway, but instead the agreement also led to the creation of a new virtual phone operator. Sky is launched in this new adventure in a very particular moment for the Italian mobile market, affected and not a little by the low rates with many gigs of Internet given by the arrival of the French Iliad and the already mentioned Ho.Mobile, managed by Vodafone. According to Il Fatto Quotidiano, which was the first to break the news, Sky will create all-inclusive packages with a fixed line at home, a monthly plan for the cell phone and a subscription to one or more pay-TV channels.

How will Sky Mobile be, Sky's telephone operator

According to the first rumors that have emerged regarding network coverage, Sky Mobile will rely on both Vodafone and TIM infrastructures. The purpose is simple: to reach as many areas of Italy as possible to ensure a pool of potential users very large. What is still not clear however is whether Sky's mobile service will be managed by a FULL MVNO or ESP MVNO entity. To be clear, will Sky Mobile SIMs be branded Ho.Mobile-style (ESP MVNO) with Vodafone, or will we have a totally independent service despite using other operators' networks, as in the case of Iliad (FULL MVNO). Italy for Sky Mobile will not be the first test bed: at the beginning of 2018 in fact the new virtual operator has debuted in the UK where in a few months it has reached and exceeded one and a half million active users. For the moment these are all the details that we know about the landing of Sky Mobile in our country but with the approach of the official launch will emerge new rumors on which we will keep you informed about rates, mode of activation of the SIM and pay-TV benefits for subscribers.