Sky, not only smartphone: now it’s also an Internet provider

After announcing the landing of its smartphone tariffs Sky makes it known that in 2019 its home Internet service will also arrive, here's how it will be

Since today Sky Italia appears in the Public Register of Communication Operators (ROC) of AGCOM, which means that the group behind the famous pay-TV can now provide an Internet service in our country, as well as already do the various Vodafone, Telecom, Fastweb and so on.

Sky, therefore, takes a further step towards its first Internet offering for home users after the agreement reached in March 2018 with the Open Fiber company. Sky Italia's plan is to start providing its own fiber Internet line to homes and offices from June 2019. Sky will most likely offer all-inclusive rates of Internet connection plus the various packages of its pay-TV, and there will obviously be no shortage of connectivity services and dedicated content on the new Sky Q platform. For those who don't know it, this is the management center for our devices connected to our Sky account to watch on-demand and streaming content directly from our mobile and fixed devices.

Free modem or Sky modem?

The arrival of Sky as an Internet provider puts the British company in a big dilemma. In fact, in Italy, compared to what Sky does in the UK, users must have the option of choosing the modem through which to enjoy a home Internet connection. In the UK Sky uses its Sky Hub for all users while in Italy, at least for now, could not force new users to adopt this choice of modem. This is in fact the same problem had by Vodafone and Fastweb that not surprisingly have appealed to the TAR to have the opportunity to make their users use a special modem of the company.

For Sky this is the second step in the field of telecommunications, the company in fact has already announced that within the first half of 2019 will arrive its Network for smartphones. Now the step towards the home fiber where, thanks to a Sky Q customer base of about 600 thousand units, Sky has an advantage. As for the fiber Sky will be very high performance and by 2022/2023 will reach 271 Italian municipalities.