Sky, programming open to all until April 3

Sky has opened programming to all its customers who will be able to see all the channels on the satellite broadcaster. Here's how it works

Also Sky takes the field in the race of solidarity triggered by the Covid-19 emergency. From March 18 until April 3, the programming of the satellite broadcaster is open to all customers. What does this mean? Who has a subscription only to the Cinema package, for example, until April 3 can also see the channels dedicated to sports and soccer. And the opposite is also true.

An initiative, that of Sky, aimed at reinforcing a concept that by now should be very clear to everyone: you have to stay at home. Until new directives of the Government must remain closed and go out only for reasons of necessity: shopping, work or to go to the pharmacy. Always remembering to respect the safety rules and to use the appropriate devices. Sky wanted to follow what has already been done by other pay-TV broadcasters around Europe: Canal+ in France has also decided to open its programming to all subscribers until the end of the period of forced closure of stores. In addition, Sky has also launched a fundraiser in favor of the Civil Protection, committed in these weeks to contain the spread of the virus by any means.

Sky, unlimited subscription for all customers: how it works

From March 18 until April 3, Sky offers to all its subscribers both via fiber and satellite, the ability to access all content that is not part of the offer that they have subscribed, all at no additional cost. This means that customers who have taken out a monthly subscription to one or more packages (e.g. Sport) will be able to see the channels included in other Sky packages (e.g. Cinema, Family and Football). To help parents, who are busy keeping their children at bay, a series of educational and entertainment content will be broadcast on the channels dedicated to children, illustrating a range of creative activities to do at home.

Sky has also thought of customers with all active packages. Until April 3, they will be able to see free previews of a number of pay-per-view films, including L'Immortale, the first film directed by and starring Marco D'Amore, available on the satellite channel from March 19 to 25. A film that has been a great success at the box office, candidate for the David di Donatello award, which tells the story of Ciro di Marzio, one of the protagonists of the series "Gomorra".