Sky Wi-Fi, new home operator official: here are the three offers

Sky has launched Sky Wi-Fi, the new home phone operator. Three offers, smart modem and a speed up to 1 Gb/s

Sky has officially presented Sky Wi-Fi, the new service for home telephony that is based on the Open Fiber network and ensures a speed up to 1Gb/s. The satellite broadcaster had given appointment this morning with the official presentation of the new telephone operator and the surprises were not lacking. Starting from the number of offers that will be three and that will adapt to the different needs of people.

For the moment Sky Wi-Fi is aimed only at Sky subscribers, but soon it could also arrive for those who are not users of the satellite broadcaster. The telephone operator is already active in 26 Italian cities and by the end of the summer will arrive in more than 120 municipalities. The goal is a coverage of the whole country within a short time, but much depends on the work of wiring done by Open Fiber. Sky has worked hard on network technology to offer a high and constant speed: more than 130 million euros have been spent. One of the strengths of Sky Wi-Fi will also be Sky Wifi Hub, the intelligent router that adapts according to the real use of the person's network.

Sky Wi-Fi: the first three offers

There are three offers that Sky has presented for the launch of Sky Wi-Fi: Smart, Ultra and Ultra Plus. The new operator relies heavily on the fact that there are no hidden costs and no strings attached.

The Smart offer has a monthly cost of 29.90 euros, unlimited internet and the Sky Wifi Hub modem included. Calls, however, are on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The Ultra offer is designed for larger homes where widespread enablement coverage is needed. In addition to the Sky Wifi Hub modem you also get devices to create a mesh network within the home. Calls are always pay-as-you-go. Cost of 32.90 euros per month.

With the Ultra Plus offer falls the constraint of consumption calls: unlimited calls to landlines and cell phones.

The monthly price rises to 37.90 euros.

The coverage of Sky Wi-Fi

Sky starts today to offer its service in the first 26 Italian cities, including Bari, Bologna, Brescia, Cagliari, Catania, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Turin and Venice. The inhabitants of Rome (but only those of Cinecittà, Garbatella, Laurentina, Tiburtina and Torrino) have to wait until this summer to take advantage of Sky Wi-Fi offers. By the end of the summer, coverage will reach 120 cities.

Maximo Ibarra, Sky's CEO, has confirmed that he has signed an agreement with Fastweb for the coverage of white areas.

The speed of Sky Wi-Fi

The fiber of Sky Wi-Fi reaches a maximum speed of 1 Gb/s in the areas covered by FTTH technology. Sky has developed ad hoc technologies to offer maximum quality during streaming, without any kind of interruption.

Sky Wi-Fi activation costs

The activation cost varies depending on the offer. For the Smart tariff activation is included, while for the Ultra and Ultra Plus offer you have to pay 50 euros.

Who can activate the Sky Wi-Fi offer

For the moment the Sky Wi-Fi offer is exclusive to subscribers, but in the future it could be extended to everyone.

Sky Wi-Fi customer service

The 170 is the Sky customer service number to receive technical help in case of problems and more information about the offers. The Sky Wifi app is also available, allowing you to check the status of your connection at any time.