Skype, possible to record calls and video calls from PC and phone

Microsoft is about to release the new version of Skype for desktop, the biggest news will be the feature to record calls and video calls

Microsoft is working to update its Skype calling application. The new desktop version of the VoIP platform has a fairly revolutionized interface that partly resembles that of the mobile version. The big news, however, is not the design of the app but the function to record calls.

With the release of the new version of the Skype desktop application Microsoft will slowly release a whole series of new features for users of the service. These new features include the ability to record calls and video calls made from both computers and smartphones on Skype. Until now, Skype users had to rely on third-party applications to record a conversation, but now just press the Record button to start saving every word or video image exchanged on Skype, and then listen to or review the calls once they are over. A very important tool for those who use Skype for interviews, distance learning or important business meetings.

New Skype app: here are all the news for users

The new desktop app for Skype includes many of the features already seen in the application made by Microsoft for Windows 10. These also include optimization for group chats to facilitate photo sharing or screen sharing during calls. In the new version of Skype just released by Microsoft are also included the new mentions that can be used thanks to the @ in front of the contact name. From this new version Skype will also have a Gallery that will serve users to search for links, documents or photos shared in various conversations over time without wasting too much time.

With the new Skype app users will also be able to use read confirmations, which will be added to conversations, and there will also be the possibility to create private conversations. These latter secret chats will be protected by end-to-end encryption to ensure users have the ultimate in privacy and cyber security.