Skype, screen sharing even on smartphones

In the beta version of the Skype application, a new feature has been released that allows you to share the smartphone screen during the call

The challenge with WhatsApp and other messaging apps does not seem to worry Skype, which in recent years has established itself as the ideal platform to use for business meetings and video calls. Developers are always working to release new features and improve the service and in the last period they have focused on the application for smartphones and tablets.

According to the latest news leaked on the Net, Skype is about to add a new feature that is very requested by its users: the ability to share the smartphone screen. It's a service that is already present in the desktop version and that is used a lot during business meetings: now it will be possible to use it also from the Skype application. The feature is present for the moment only in the beta version of the application and can be tested thoroughly before being released in the official one. You can become a beta tester by downloading the app and signing up for the program. Here's how to share your screen on the Skype app.

How to share your smartphone screen on the Skype app

In the desktop version, it's very easy to share your computer monitor: just press the appropriate icon on the video call screen. On the smartphone it will be very similar: when you start a business meeting, you can share your smartphone screen by pressing on the icon. The other people will see the screen of their cell phone and all the applications we open.

The feature is designed for those who need to make a presentation via Skype but are unable to use a computer. This way the other participants will follow the presentation and will be able to intervene in case they have doubts. Screen sharing can also be used to explain how to use an app or a smartphone function.

The new feature is available for both Android and iOS versions. If the tests are successful it will be released in the official version as well.