Slow IPad? 6 tips to speed it up

After a few months of use it is normal that the iPad starts to have some slowdowns, fortunately they can be removed with a few simple clicks

We often use the iPad at home and in the office, to work and for fun, but lately we have noticed annoying slowdowns on the device? No need to despair. Fortunately, there are a number of easy-to-do actions to improve the performance and speed of our Apple tablet.

Often the iPad has sudden slowdowns that are caused by too many applications left open in the background. This happens when we exclusively press the Home button to exit an app. Returning to the home screen we didn't really close the app but left it active in the background. In this way we will not only slow down the device but also consume more battery. To permanently close an application we must, instead, go to the Activity Screen. Accessing this section is very simple and just a few clicks are enough to restore a good efficiency to our tablet.

To enter the Activity Screen we have to double click on the physical Home button. This will open a page where we can see all the recently used apps and services. We can scroll through the list from right to left. If we click on an app's icon we'll access it again, while to delete it, and thus close it, we have to press with our finger on the app's preview window and drag it upwards.

Restart and Wi-Fi Connection

If the Activity Screen technique isn't enough we can think of a forced restart. This way we'll close all the active apps that are creating problems for the iPad. To restart, hold down the Standby/Resume button until the slider appears. Then drag the slider to completely shut down the device. Now, after the device turns off, press and hold the Standby/Reactivate button again until you see the Apple logo. However, it is possible that even this technique is not enough. If apps like Instagram and Facebook are slow but the rest of the device doesn't have any bugs or lags, it's likely that the problem is with the Wi-Fi connection. To check the actual browsing speed we can use an app to do a speedtest. Among the most recommended is Ookla's Speedtest.

Update the operating system

To increase the performance of the device it is essential to perform constant updates. As we get the latest version of OS we have to install it. Otherwise in the long run our iPad will be obsolete compared to the applications we use. To check the version of OS active on our iPad just go to Settings, then General and then Software Update.

Ad Blocker

If the main slowdowns we experience are almost exclusively when surfing the web, it's possible that ads are getting in the way. Fortunately, we can install an ad blocker on the iPad as well. These tools are applied directly to Safari to avoid seeing pop-ups and ads while browsing websites.

Disable app update

To consume less battery and avoid slowdowns, it is advisable to disable the automatic update of apps on the screen. In practice, on iPad it's possible that some apps, even if not in use, update their previews according to the latest events. This happens for example with Facebook or Twitter news. To prevent this from happening we need to go to Settings, then General and then to Background App Update.

Clean up storage

The iPad usually starts to slow down when we occupy the memory with photos and videos, but also apps and voice notes. Every now and then we need to get into the memory of the tablet from Apple and do a good cleaning. For example, we can transport photos to the computer or delete apps that we no longer use. To do all this we go to Settings, then General. At this point we click on the item Space on the device and iCloud. And on the page that opens we enter the Manage Space section.