Smart Download, the Netflix trick for downloading movies on smartphones

Netflix has released a feature, called Smart Download, that allows us to intelligently download movies and TV series without taking up too much memory

Film and TV series fans? Well, this is the tip that's right for you. If we have a Netflix account and we want to download an episode or a movie and then watch it offline we have to be careful about the space occupied by the movie on the memory of our smartphone, but now there is a trick.

Downloading a movie or a TV series from Netflix is really easy and if we are traveling for work or leisure we can also watch the movie directly from our phone. The problem is that a movie or an episode of a TV show takes up a lot of storage space on a smartphone's memory. And this can be a problem especially if we have a device that is a bit outdated or if we have already exhausted the storage of our phone. Luckily, Netflix has developed the Smart Download system that will help us not to take up too much space on our phone's memory.

How do Netflix Smart Downloads work

But how do Netflix Smart Downloads work? Simple, if we were to start downloading episodes of a TV series Netflix will automatically save them on our device one at a time and delete by default those that we have already seen so as not to take up unnecessary space in our smartphone. At the moment this feature is only available on Android devices but soon it will be released on the iOS app as well. By updating the app on the Google Play Store this new Smart Download feature is automatically activated on our Netflix app. However, we can always disable it from the settings if we don't like the way it works. Warning, at the moment the Smart Download feature only works exclusively with movies downloaded over Wi-Fi. It won't help us when downloading via data connection. This means that if we're going on a trip or if we know we're going to be away from home for a long time, we should plan ahead and download our favorite movies and TV series first.