Smart mirror in the dressing room, shopping becomes a fashion show

Made by Memomi, the Memory Mirror is a smart mirror that could one day enter the dressing rooms of many clothing stores

How does it look on me? How many times have we heard that phrase uttered in a clothing store? So many. In the not-too-distant future, a very special personal assistant could help us choose the perfect dress: the mirror.

Technology, in fact, has entered, or is about to enter, the fitting rooms with intelligent mirrors capable not only of simply reflecting our image, but also of advising us on the garment we would like to buy. They will be able to show us, for example, how a dress fits without even wearing it. With a gesture we could change the size or color, or the model. Mirrors are becoming real hi-tech devices, thanks to artificial intelligence. According to the predictions of many experts, in a few years the dressing rooms of many clothing centers will become virtual rooms.

Memory Mirror

Among these magic mirrors there are some really amazing ones. One of them is the Memory Mirror, a device produced by Memomi. It is a digital mirror that allows you to change clothes, color, add accessories and look at yourself from different angles simply by using gestures. The results can then also be shared with friends via smartphone. Memomi's mirror can also be used for make-up. With one click it will be possible to see how a type of makeup might look on a face. The Mirror Memory is also useful when buying a new pair of sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Mirrors getting smarter

Mirrors of the future include artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, combined with many other sensors, such as readers for RFID tags, which serve the device to identify the user's chosen item of clothing. What if we don't know how to match the outfit we'd like to buy? Don't worry, technology always takes care of it. Thanks to some advanced algorithms, a series of combinations will appear on the display of the digital mirror.

Addio stress

Using devices of this kind also has the advantage of reducing shopping stress. In fact, according to some studies, many people try on the dress only once, and if the size is not right, they give up buying the item. In short, in a few years, you can leave your wives and husbands at home, your wardrobe will be taken care of by the mirror.