Smart TV: Panasonic bets again on Android with JX700

In continuity with the JX600 series of recent days, Panasonic continues to enrich its smart TV range with the JX700 series products: here are the features

For some time now, televisions have changed their way of being in a radical way.

In a world full of smart products, TVs have adapted by becoming smart in turn, and among the most popular systems that manage to transform what was once a simple screen into a modern multimedia hub is Android TV, which relies on the JX700 series that Panasonic officially announced a few days after the JX600. And it's Google's little green robot for TVs that differentiates Panasonic's new JX700 from the rest of the range, which relies largely on the performance of the proprietary My Home Screen operating system, especially on the cheaper models. The new JX700 instead, like the JX600 and higher-end Panasonic, rely on the entertainment capabilities of Android TV.

Panasonic JX700: technical features

The Panasonic JX700 series is declined in four diagonal: 43, 50, 55 and 65 inches. Each of them can count on an LCD panel type with Ultra HD 4K resolution, Edge LED backlighting, refresh rate that reaches 60 Hz and compatibility with HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision.

The audio of Panasonic JX700 is entrusted to the Compact Surround Sound Pro, a listening system capable of "transporting" the viewer within the scene with powerful bass and clear dialogues. The JX700 support Dolby Atmos, which increases the involvement. Present 4 HDMI inputs in version 2.0b, a CI Plus slot with ECP 1.4 and an Ethernet port, but still there is built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to keep the number of cables under control.

On the level of functionality, the Panasonic JX700 draw heavily from the "basket" of Android TV. It is thanks to Google's operating system that the JX700s offer the Play Store, the virtual app store that is well-known to Android smartphone users for the almost infinite number of apps it contains: for TVs, such as Panasonic's new JX700s, there are all the most popular ones, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, but also Facebook, Twitch, Vimeo, TuneIn or Kodi.

In short, thanks to Google's store you have access to a wealth of possibilities that can constantly change the way you use your smart TV. Panasonic's new JX700s also have a built-in Google Chromecast, which makes it a lot easier to stream content from a smartphone or tablet to the TV. In addition, thanks to Google Assistant you can control the TV through your voice.

Panasonic JX700: how much does it cost

Panasonic's JX700 series is expected on the market in October, but the list prices are not yet known, as well as the availability on the Italian market is not. The feeling, however, is that they will also arrive in Italy.