Smart TV: Samsung offers its operating system to other manufacturers

Many innovations announced by Samsung at SDC 2021 for Tizen, the operating system for Smart TVs: the most "noisy" is the licensing to third parties

Samsung believes a lot in its operating system for Smart TVs, Tizen, which it talked about in depth during the Samsung Developer Conference 2021 on October 26. There were several topics, from licensing the OS to others to the different ideas that the company evaluates to evolve it.

Samsung, for example, said that it is working to give Smart TVs the functionality that can provide an app like Samsung Health, so providing in the next models an integrated webcam that can track the movements of those who work out with programs transmitted from the Smart TV in order to provide suggestions, perhaps to improve movements and exercises. There are also improvements to Tizen to improve HDR calibration and Tizen for Business, a service that can turn Smart TVs into interactive "whiteboards" for use in schools, airports, restaurants, subways and so on.

Tizen will arrive on Smart TVs from other manufacturers

And then there's Tizen TV Platform Licensing which, as the literal translation suggests, is an initiative designed to offer the operating system on Smart TVs, Tizen, to other manufacturers. Those wishing to benefit from the Smart TV platform developed by Samsung "will be able to do so at minimal cost, and will also be able to use the Tizen brand to promote their products at external events," the company writes.

Samsung reassured that the licensing includes everything in the Smart TV package, meaning all the features provided by Tizen, access to all the platform's services and all the content, which is very important because the company can put deals and applications on the table with must-have players like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Spotify, Dazn, Disney+, and so on.

Also LG, in the recent past, had studied an initiative to license its webOS Smart TV operating system to third parties.

We still don't know if there are any interested manufacturers already or perhaps that they have already stepped up to get Tizen.

Cloud gaming comes to Tizen Smart TVs

At Samsung Developer Conference 2021, not only was the opening of Tizen for Smart TVs to third parties staged, but the Korean manufacturer used the event and the visibility to entice potential partners by unveiling the Cloud Game Platform for Tizen. Exactly: on Smart TVs with Tizen will soon arrive a cloud gaming platform, that is one that allows you to play without owning a specific hardware like a console.

You play in streaming precisely, using the computing power of Samsung's servers and not your own hardware. The main advantage of a solution of this type is that, precisely, the hardware of the device from which you play has no influence on the experience, because it only acts as a player of a game that is processed thousands of miles away from those who play it, in the servers of the company. The user benefits from an immersive experience, with a smooth interface integrated into the Smart TV.