Smart TV: Xiaomi presents a new model 2022

The Chinese giant has unveiled a new model of Smart TV 2022 in its homeland: excellent technical features at a low price, but will it also arrive in Europe?

The new Xiaomi TV ES50 2022 Smart TV, a brand new model that joins the ES43, ES55 and ES65 2022 models already on the market, will arrive on the Chinese market as early as December 11, and then perhaps be marketed globally over the next year. The latest Xiaomi TV is a 50-inch 4K with more than good technical features, given the usual bargain price typical of Xiaomi products.

In China it will be sold with the proprietary operating system PatchWall, but if it arrives in Europe will almost certainly be equipped with Android TV: the main chip that animates the Xiaomi TV ES50 2022 is, in fact, the MediaTek MT9638, a recent processor developed by the chip giant and launched in March 2021, which is fully compatible with Google's operating system for Smart TVs. What will distinguish the Xiaomi TV ES50 2022, however, will be above all the data sheet within which more than one component has made the leap in quality, which will allow Xiaomi to propose this TV in a somewhat higher end of the market.

Xiaomi TV ES50 2022: technical specifications

Xiaomi TV ES50 2022 is, basically, a budget Smart TV with 60Hz LED panel. It is the 50-inch model of Xiaomi's new 4K 2022 range, has a very good peak brightness for the price range (600 nits), MEMC technology for motion compensation, Dolby Vision support and very thin bezels.

The plus compared to many other similar TVs is the backlight, divided into different zones to allow better reproduction of contrasts between very bright and very dark parts of the image. As for color quality, however, Xiaomi claims that the ES50 2022 is able to reproduce 94% of the DCI-P3 spectrum, a very good value, for a total of 1.07 billion colors.

The audio part consists of two 12.5-watt speakers, with Dolby Audio and DTS-HD compatibility, and far-field microphones to listen to voice commands.

Xiaomi TV ES50 2022: when it costs

The list price in China of Xiaomi TV ES50 2022 is 2,399 yuan, which at current exchange rate corresponds to 333 euros. A great price, as even those who do not know much about Smart TV can understand, but that will not be what we will see in Europe, if this television were to arrive on our market.

The costs of transport and logistics, combined with a much heavier taxation, would raise the European price considerably. If it does arrive, then, we can expect a price similar to that of the current Xiaomi Mi TV P1 LED range: around 600 euros, with launch offers around 500 euros.