SmartDuvet Breeze, the bed that rearranges itself with air conditioning

Developed by a Canadian startup, the mechanism allows you to separately cool or heat one of the two sides of the mattress

After launching a campaign on Kickstarter in an attempt to fund a bed that rearranges itself, SmartDuvet is at it again, presenting a new version: a bed that not only rearranges itself, but also has a dual-zone air conditioner built in.

The device, which the Canadian company calls SmartDuvet Breeze, allows, in fact, to set a different temperature for each side of the bed. So, if the person sleeping on the right side is hot, he can choose to cool his zone without disturbing the sleep of the one who chose the left side.

A solution that could be useful especially in summer, where sleeping sometimes becomes very difficult. And not only that. The mechanism also works in reverse, that is, it is able to heat one of the two sides of the bed. Configuring the temperature of the SmartDuvet Breeze is very simple. In fact, you just need to use the special app made available by the startup.

How SmartDuvet Breeze works

Like the desktop air conditioner, SmartDuvet Breeze creates a kind of "personal microclimate". How? There are two components that allow the Canadian company's bed to remake itself and cool the mattress: the control box, an air pump, and a sheet of sorts. The sheet, which continues to be as in the first version always in the shape of a grid, in addition to being inflatable, also includes a layer where the conditioned air is channeled, which is used to cool or heat the bed. The two chambers are separate, allowing the device to set a different temperature for each side.

Price and release date

The system, according to the startup, is also quite quiet. The SmartDuvet Breeze is not a bed, but a technology that can be applied to any mattress. To fund the project, this time the Canadian company has launched a campaign on Indiegogo, another crowdfunding platform. SmartDuvet will start delivering the device to backers, i.e. supporters, starting in September 2017. Starting price: $189 (almost 170 euros, at current exchange rates).

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