Smartphone transformed into Game Boy thanks to a cover

Like the old Game Boy, the case allows you to insert on the back one of the historic original cartridges. It costs about 70 euros and works only with the Galaxy S8

This latest innovation will surely make happy some nostalgic lover of the Game Boy, the small portable console from Nintendo, now replaced by more advanced gaming platforms. Born as a joke, on the Internet is now available a cover that transforms the smartphone into Game Boy.

The case allows you to use the display of the mobile device to pass the time with one of the nice games of Nintendo's console. Created by Hyperkin as an April Fool's joke, the cover has actually arrived on the market. Basically, taking a look, the case is a sort of Game Boy without the display. The screen is replaced, in fact, by that of the smartphone. Hyperkin's device is not a simple emulator. The surprise is on the back. Like the old Nintendo portable console, the case allows you to insert one of the historic original cartridges, which in the past have cheered the days of millions of children and teenagers.


The front of the cover is almost identical to that of the Game Boy. There are the classic directional arrows and the two buttons "A" and "B". On the panel then, like Nintendo's handheld console, there are also the two buttons "Select" and "Start". How does it work? Simply insert your smartphone inside the cover, choose the "cassette" and start playing. The experience reproduced on the display is identical to that offered by the original Game Boy. The case also integrates a battery, which recharges directly from the mobile device and is able to ensure 5 hours of autonomy.


The smart cover is designed to work with the Galaxy S 8, the latest mobile device launched by Samsung. Nevertheless, you can use the case with other Android smartphones. The device can be purchased at a price of about 70 euros. Too much? Definitely not. Especially for some Game Boy fans, ready to relive in the present a bit of the past.