Smartphones with virtual memory are coming

With a little gimmick, Realme GT Master Edition could come within a whisker of 20 GB of RAM: it would be yet another smartphone with virtual memory.

An Android smartphone with 19 GB of RAM is coming to market soon. A provocation? Not exactly. Realme would already have everything ready to tie (but with a little trick) the current record of 19 GB of RAM, a really exaggerated amount exploitable only by those who make a professional use of the smartphone.

Realme would be ready to do it with GT Master Edition, variation on the theme of Realme GT, of which, however, has been often spoken of in recent times. As well as it has been spoken (but not as often) of the arrival of a smartphone with 20 GB of RAM, which, however, the product of Realme should be able to anticipate. To confirm the existence of the project of a smartphone with 19 GB of RAM was Xu Qi, president of the marketing department of Realme as well as vice president of the company born from Oppo. So more than an indiscretion, subject to confirmation or denial by the facts, it would be more correct to speak of a decision already made, and then a smartphone on the way. Do not harbor doubts about its actual arrival on the market, unless of course of second thoughts by Realme that would be sensational.

The 19 GB of RAM Realme GT Master Edition

And if you judge the 19 GB of RAM as a truly incredible amount and probably still out of reach for the current technological capabilities would not be wrong. In fact, as mentioned in the beginning, Realme GT Master Edition should reach this record with a small device actually in use for decades mainly on Windows and other computer operating systems: the virtual memory.

The RAM "real" Realme GT Master Edition would amount to 12 GB, while the remaining 7 GB to reach the total 19 GB would come from virtual memory. Virtual memory is a complex topic, but it can be said in summary that the smartphone moves some data from RAM (those of apps in the background and not used) to the slow memory of the storage space, to free fast RAM for active apps.

The RAM memory, in fact, offers reading and writing speeds absolutely superior to those of the storage memory. So the RAM expansion through virtual memory is not a "painless" operation, but it is an operation that you can use if you have to perform heavy tasks that otherwise could not be done.

A solution almost identical to what Realme has in mind for GT Master Edition was also arrived at Oppo, which already on Find X2 Pro offered with a firmware update the ability to expand the physical RAM with a certain amount of memory borrowed from the system memory. Through the mechanism of virtual memory, on Oppo Find X2 Pro from 12 GB of RAM you could even reach a total of 19 GB thanks to the possibility of choosing between 3, 5 and 7 GB of virtual RAM.

Progressively, therefore, smartphones with virtual memory are increasing more and more, and it is said that even Xiaomi is working on a similar solution.

Realme GT Master Edition, screaming prices for Europe

All doubts about Realme GT Master Edition will be dispelled very soon anyway: the smartphone will be presented on July 21, and has been designed by Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa. It is said to be banking on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 870 chip and a large 6.5-inch display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and touch sampling of 480 Hz.

It is also thought that in Europe the 8+256 GB and 12+256 GB variants may cost 399 and 449 euros respectively.