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SmartStop is a modern take on the traditional nicotine patch that could put an end to this nasty habit once and for all

SmartStop, was born from a simple observation: why don't regular nicotine patches work? Chrono Therapeutic, the company that produced the device, aims to provide users with maximum results: to quit smoking for good.

Many smokers have tried many times to find the willpower to eliminate cigarettes from their lives. Some have resorted to these very patches that are put, usually, on the arm and last, normally 24 hours before they need to be replaced. The problem is the time they take too long to start delivering nicotine in the morning putting a strain on the smoker's temptation. But using them in the evening causes a nightmarish night. SmartStop is the solution to all smokers' problems.

What is SmartStop

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Professor Robert West of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College London explains that with "a wearable transdermal nicotine delivery device, absorption is generally very slow. So Chrono Therapeutics investigated a system to release nicotine faster by leveraging the results to date of products used to deliver medical substances that are absorbed through the skin." The difference between the SmartStop device, and regular patches, is that it is able to adjust the dosage of nicotine delivered to smokers at times of greatest desire to smoke. A prime example is as soon as you wake up. SmartStop, then, "starts releasing nicotine about 90 minutes before the person wakes up because," West says, "80% of smokers light their first cigarette within the first half hour of waking up." Another "peak" time is after meals, when the metabolism is in high gear, or in the evening when you go out with friends for a few beers.

How SmartStop Works

SmartStop is a system that works similar to the traditional nicotine patch consisting of two components: a liquid nicotine cartridge that you replace every day and a smart device that acts as a "brain" that you place on your arm or leg. It is equipped with a Bluetooth connection, a transdermal dispenser and a battery that lasts 10 weeks, which is the time needed to gradually switch from the state of a heavy smoker until the body gets used to the absence of nicotine according to the plan programmed by Chrono Therapeutics. In other words, you go from high doses of nicotine for the first 6 weeks, to 14 mg in the next two weeks and to a dose of 7 mg in the last two weeks. And it is advisable, however, to be followed by a doctor and a psychological one.

Control software

SmartStop communicates with a software to be installed on your smartphone that allows you to monitor your sleep to understand when to start nicotine administration, but also to keep track of when the urge to smoke is triggered. The smart patch is currently being tested in the U.S. and Australia, with over 500 volunteer users, and in 2017 will be tested in a clinical trial of 400 smokers comparing it to traditional nicotine patches. The technology behind SmartStop will, in the near future, be tested for drug delivery for Parkinson's disease, opioid addiction, and chronic pain sufferers, but the target for now is smokers.

At this time, there is no information available on the price or release date of the device.

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