Smartwatch: Samsung and Google team up to beat the Apple Watch

Google and Samsung team up to challenge the Apple Watch: how will be the next super smartwatch of the two big and what functions will it have.

Against Apple Watch now there is a new competitor: it is the result of the partnership between Samsung and Google that, together, have decided to produce a smartwatch that can give a hard time to one of the excellences of Cupertino. The wearable will be called, in fact, "Wear" and will count on high-level features.

The announcement comes directly from the voice of Big G, through a post published on the official blog of the company. With the occasion, Google has also provided the first details that will represent the starting block of the collaboration between the two giants of the tech world. The idea behind this union of forces, given the leading role of the two players, is to make the top wearables with regard to the area that concerns the health, creating a system that can unite under a single flag the most useful and attractive features introduced on their respective wearables.

Smartwatch, Samsung-Google product features

Among the main specifications on which the two manufacturers will work will be the loading times of the apps and the operating system and a total renewal of the animations that will become more engaging and lively. To these, then, if we add a third that represents a worry for many of the most advanced models available on the market: the battery, which will turn on longer usage times through a single charge.

To give a boost, in particular by Google, will be the recent acquisition of Fitbit, one of the leading brands in the smartwatch and fitness tracker industry, which could bring on the new devices a number of features previously absent on the wearables of both companies. It would be a nice turnaround for Big G that, in the past, had obtained unsatisfactory results despite the commitment shown with a completely dedicated OS, WearOS, equipped with the voice assistant of Mountain View.

Apple vs. Samsung and Google, who will win?

If the operation were to go through respecting all the premises, Apple could really have to deal with a tough competitor to beat. To make the clash harder, it would be then the role of the Koreans, among the fiercest competitors against Cupertino also in the smartwatch sector.

Also on the digital markets the clash is open. If Apple can count on a sector of its App store, with different proposals made specifically or adapted to its smartwatch connected to the counterparts installed on the iPhone, the same cannot be said for Tizen, the store that Samsung draws on for applications dedicated to the Galaxy Watch. To give support to Korea, however, there is Google Play Store, richer in alternatives to choose from, to which will be added in the future new dials - or Faces - and greater customization of the interface.

Now it remains only to understand what Samsung will do with its smartwatches of the Galaxy line, for which the company has, however, guaranteed updates for at least three years from launch. A time frame that, in all likelihood, could overlap with the release of new models. What will happen, then? We just have to wait.