Smartwatch strap with camera and screen

Samsung's future wearable could have a circular dial and an additional flexible display that will be articulated throughout the strap

That smartwatches are about to enter a new era, different from previous ones, is a fact that is becoming increasingly concrete. As proof of this is sufficient to take into account some patents popped up on the net. The latest has as its protagonist Samsung.

According to the images contained in the document, the future wearable of the South Korean company will have a circular dial and an additional flexible display that will be articulated throughout the strap. The most interesting aspect, looking at the project of Samsung, revolves around the presence of a camera placed at the center of the main screen. Up to here nothing new, if it were not for the fact that the sensor is equipped with a zoom capable of exiting and entering the dial. An innovative technology, never seen on any wearable device and typical of cameras. It is clear that if the zoom is ever implemented, the smartwatch will have a photographic compartment of the highest quality and perhaps superior even to smartphones.

Flexible Display

And let's move on to the other novelty: the second flexible display. As you can see in the pictures, the roll-up screen will be able to be used both to manage applications and to receive notifications. It will be able to be used, for example, to launch the camera, open the settings or view the gallery. The foldable screen technology of Samsung's future smartwatch brings to mind an Apple patent, circulated recently on the web, in which it refers to a wearable with a foldable display that wraps around the entire band.

It is, however, useful to make a point as well. Over the years, patents have launched many supposed technological revolutions. Then, as is normal, only a fraction have actually been transformed into products to be launched on the market. And even in this case, Samsung's patent could remain so. One thing, however, we can be certain: smartwatches have entered a phase of change. Will Samsung be the one to open the dances? We'll see.