SMEs, how to improve your online presence on Google, Social and Maps

Thanks to IOL Connect, companies will be able to independently manage their online digital identity, creating a unique profile for Google, Facebook and other services

Survival, you might say. For a company, especially a small and medium-sized enterprise, being able to manage its online presence in the best possible way is a factor of primary importance: in an increasingly competitive market, maximizing and improving visibility on the web is a factor that is anything but secondary.

To achieve this result, it is necessary to devise a strategy that allows you to build and maintain a brand image that is coordinated and unique, regardless of the site or web service that users will find themselves visiting. It can happen, in fact, that in the magnum sea of the Net, information and data that do not always correspond appear: a not indifferent damage for the company or the SME that wants to be known also online. If the phone number published on Facebook and Google does not match or the address on Google Maps (and other digital mapping services) is wrong, you run the risk of losing potential new customers.

Management of digital presence

Fundamental, from this point of view, is to set up an organic communication strategy that, integrating the various channels that the web provides, allows you to better manage the digital presence. For a small and medium enterprise, in fact, the web has now become "inevitable": those who have ambitions of growth cannot not be found on the Web. The reason for this is easy to explain: in a global and globalized market, the web provides a privileged showcase, accessible to anyone in the world, thanks to which you can show off your excellence and special features. Managing your company's data in the best possible way and making sure that there are no errors whatsoever (exact opening hours, matching phone numbers on several portals, specified payment methods and so on) will also allow you to improve your company's online reputation.

IOL Connect: the most advanced way to synchronize one's digital presence

In order to meet the needs of Italian companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, Italiaonline has developed (in exclusive collaboration with Yext, world leader in online presence management) IOL Connect, a service for the management of digital presence. This service, among the most advanced and complete available on the market, frees the company from the task - rather heavy, in some cases - of having to control and synchronize data and information on the web. It may happen, in fact, that the results provided by Google do not correspond with those of Bing or Facebook: in these cases an employee will have to take charge of "scanning" the web and correct by hand any errors and discrepancies.

With IOL Connect the management of digital identity will be completely automated. After creating the company profile, the service will be able to update the company profiles scattered on the Web and provide Internet users with a coordinated and error-free corporate image.

Web scanner, the free check-up of IOL Connect to check your online identity

The starting point is represented by the Web scanner, a free tool that in real time allows you to check the "state of the art" of the company's online presence and the correctness of the data. The functioning is extremely simple: after having inserted the data of your company, you wait for the web crawler of the scanner to complete their research: at the end you can consult a summary table useful to understand the state of your online presence. The Web Scanner will highlight criticalities, discrepancies and possible inaccuracies that can jeopardize your online reputation and prevent Internet users from finding your company on the Web. Click here to access the Web Scanner and check the online presence of your company

How IOL Connect works

Once the check-up of your online presence has been carried out, you can request a free consultation from the IOL Connect team. If you decide to proceed with the activation of the service, a team of experts will contact the company to agree on the "personal" data to be included in the digital identity: name of the business, address (thus setting its position on the map), opening hours and sector of "competence". In addition, it will be possible to add the logo of your company and create photo galleries that help Internet users understand the specifics of your business.

This information will then be used by IOL Connect to "update" and synchronize the online presence of the company, creating a unique profile throughout the web: in search engines and social networks such as Google, Facebook, Bing and Foursquare; in the Italiaonline network (PagineGialle, Virgilio Aziende, PagineBianche and Tuttocittà); in directories and applications for smartphones (Aroundme, Cylex and iGlobal); in maps and satellite navigation systems (Waze, Here Maps, TomTom).

Data under control and safe

The advantages for companies are many. Above all, however, the possibility of having a secure platform from which to create and manage the online identity of their business. The data entered will be stored according to the best standards of computer security and, above all, will always be under the direct control of the user: the modification, integration and updating can be decided in full autonomy by those who manage the company's IOL Connect profile.

The premium services of IOL Connect

IOL Connect not only allows you to keep under control your online data and manage them in a unique and univocal way. In fact, SMEs will be able to choose from a range of additional services that will allow them to improve their online presence and visibility. As a certified partner of Google Street View, in fact, you will be able to indicate exactly where you are on the Google map and accompany everything with a virtual tour of the company's premises that allows you to better present your business. IOL Connect also provides its team of marketing and communication experts to set up an editorial plan on Facebook, with creation and management of Fan Page content (both graphic and textual) according to the needs of the user.