SMS Euronics, the fake sweepstakes: how to defend yourself

In the last hours a phishing campaign has targeted Euronics: thousands of SMS sent inviting people to click on a link to receive a prize as a gift

If in the last days or hours you have received an SMS from (apparently) Euronics inviting you to click on a link to choose a prize, be careful, it is a scam. Once again malicious people are using the phishing method to trick unsuspecting users trying to steal money or personal data. Euronics is not at fault and in turn is also a victim of the scam. The home appliance chain has also published on its Facebook account a post in which it warns users of possible fraudulent messages.

The attackers have not invented anything new, but have simply reproposed the classic phishing campaign. For those who don't know, phishing is an online scam in which a user is made to believe that he is a government agency, a bank or a big company (as in this case) and is invited to click on a link that takes him to a fake site. Usually personal data is requested and then sold on the dark web. In this case, however, some users who have fallen into the trap have also seen money stolen from their bank account.

SMS scam Euronics, what happens

As you can see from the comments to a social post published on the page of Euronics, in recent hours many users have seen themselves delivered a message that apparently seems to be sent by Euronics. The text reads: "Hello XXX (person's name), you are one of the winners of XXX (city name) of the Euronics contest. Select your product here: XXX (link where to press)". 

This is a classic case of phishing campaign and it is not the first time it affects thousands of Italian users. In the past, we have already reported about similar cases that have seen as protagonists also national bodies such as INPS and Agenzia delle Entrate.

The functioning of this scam that has targeted Euronics is very simple. If the user clicks on the link in the message, he is sent to a fake page that appears to be that of the home appliance chain, but which in reality has been created ad hoc by hackers. If you follow the whole procedure, you not only risk giving the scammers your personal data, but also losing money, which seems to have really happened, reading the comments on the official Euronics page.

How to defend yourself against phishing attacks

On its website, Euronics has published an article explaining how to defend yourself against phishing attacks. Usually the hook used by the scammers is the presumed winning of a prize or a contest, just as it happens in this case.

To understand that it is a scam SMS and that we are facing a phishing attack you have to analyze a couple of factors and features. First of all, analyze well the URL of the link present in the message: usually it seems to be the official one of the entity or of the store, but there is always a letter or a point that differentiates them.

Also, hardly a large chain of household appliances warns of winning a contest via SMS. Especially if you've never entered a contest or sweepstakes before. Also pay attention to the grammar of the message, mistakes or misspelled words are always present.