SNAI down for almost 36 hours, the company: “Hacker attack” [UPDATED 6:00 PM]

First problems since this morning at 7 am, then boom of reports from all over Italy but SNAI does not explain what is happening and users begin to fear for their money.

Update 28/12/2020 at 18:00

The very serious down of SNAI's services, which has been going on since yesterday morning, has been caused by a hacker attack. This was admitted by the same company in a press release. Here are all the details:

SNAI Down: it was a hacker attack | Libero Tecnologia

Technical problems to SNAI websites and app managed by Snaitech Spa, the legal betting company. All the sites of the group, which accepts bets on horse racing, poker, various sports, games and online casinos (including slots) have been offline since this morning and a message has appeared on the parent site "EXTRAORDINARY MAINTENANCE - The maintenance concerns all and APP products - We hope to be back in operation shortly - The SNAI team".

The inefficiencies, however, have lasted since yesterday with the first reports already at seven in the morning. Panic among Italian bettors who use SNAI's services, with delirious comments on social networks in which it is even assumed that the company has run away with the bettors' money. To fuel the anger of the users there is also the fact that on the official social profiles of SNAI there is no mention of the down of the computer systems. In addition to the complete inaccessibility of the group's sites, including, it is also reported that it is impossible to open the app or to log-in.

Update 28/12/2020 at 17:00

Almost 36 hours after the start of the Snai down, with all sites and apps completely unusable, the legal betting company continues to barricade itself in an inexplicable silence. After this morning's not at all exhaustive communication at 8:10 am on Twitter, in fact, it no longer responds to any user comments (about 170, on the latter tweet, as we write this update). No official press release and even a "No comment" to the Corriere della Sera.

Update 28/12/2020 11:30 am

No official news on when the inefficiencies of SNAI will end, with the down has been going on for almost 30 hours now. No press note and no new post on Twitter, where the company does not respond to comments for over 15 hours. Absolute darkness also on Telegram, the platform on which SNAI has a public channel that is only used to spread sports news. In the meantime, some users point out that the toll-free number of SNAI has been deactivated in March 2020.

Update 28/12/2020 at 9:00

Still down all the services of SNAI, the down has lasted for over 24 hours. Darkness also with regard to communications with users: still no official press release from Snaitech Spa and the last tweet of the official SNAI Twitter account dates back to 20:11 yesterday.

In the meantime SNAI customers are making the most fanciful hypothesis about this disruption, including the one that SNAI has gone bankrupt and the one that an unfaithful employee has infected the company's servers in order to steal bettors' money.

Update at 20:30

All SNAI's online gaming services are still completely offline. At this point it is clear, after more than 12 hours, that there has been a major technical problem. It is also not to be excluded, but there is no information about it, that it is a hacker attack on the servers of the company that, we remind you, manages a mountain of money stored in the accounts of its users.

The official website no longer speaks of "extraordinary maintenance" but generically invites users to be patient: "Dear users, we are working to restore as soon as possible all services. We apologize for the inconvenience".

In the meantime, especially on Twitter, many users in addition to complaining begin to express concern for their account but SNAI, always on Twitter, reassures everyone: "You can rest assured. The problem concerns the site, not the gaming accounts". The most optimistic, however, are clamoring for the company to grant a bonus to everyone when the problems have been resolved.

Update at 17:30

After several hours of silence SNAI responds to users on Twitter. Although its website continues to show the message of extraordinary maintenance, the company on Twitter responds to users:

"The site is not under maintenance. We are having other problems that we are trying to solve since this morning. But I repeat: the site is not under maintenance."

Snaitech Spa, parent company of the sports betting group, has not posted any official update on this matter on its website.