Snap Camera, the filters for video calls at work and with friends

Snap Camera is Snapchat's app for using augmented reality filters on your computer. Here's how it works

Few people know about it, but Snap Camera has all the features to become one of your favorite apps to install on your PC. It's a program created by Snapchat, one of the most used social apps in the world, to bring the filters in the application (the famous Lenses) to the PC world. You can use the augmented reality filters during video calls to make them unique and have fun with your friends.

The database of filters in Snap Camera is practically infinite: there are hundreds of them and every day new ones are added, created directly by users, a bit like what happens with Instagram filters. Snap Camera è un’applicazione gratuita che può essere installata su qualsiasi tipo di computer: il supporto, infatti, parte da Windows 7 e da MacOS 10.11. Una delle particolarità di Snap Camera è la possibilità di utilizzarla insieme alle piattaforme per le videochiamate o per lo streaming come Skype e Twitch: basta attivarla per aggiungere sul proprio viso un filtro animato. Ecco come utilizzare al meglio Snapcamera.

Snap Camera, cosa è e come funziona

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Snap Camera è un’app per aggiungere filtri alle videochiamate fatte dal PC. Un programma molto utile, soprattutto per chi ama fare facce buffe durante le videochiamate con gli amici o con i colleghi di lavoro.

Il funzionamento è molto facile. First you have to launch the app after downloading and installing it on your computer. Once the program is open, you can take a photo or record a video and choose one of the many filters available. If you connect Snap Camera to Skype, Hangouts Meet, OBS or Twitch (in which case you'll need to install an ad hoc extension), you'll be able to add filters to your face while making a video call. To change them just open Snap Camera and choose from the many available.

How to download and install Snap Camera

Snap Camera is free and you can download it directly from the dedicated website. To install, just launch the file downloaded from the site and follow all the on-screen steps.