Social and trends: video is the most clicked content on the net

The centrality of online video in communication strategies is increasing

Is it true that videos have become the most popular content on the net? If you browse through social and web you'll notice that network gurus talk about "videocrazy" but, more simply, they refer to video marketing. Well how come we hear more and more about video editors and video marketing strategies? How come social networks and search engines give more and more space to this kind of contents? Today we're going to try to tackle this analysis by taking a look at the most relevant opinions of the experts of this new branch of marketing, which is becoming more and more popular.

The centrality of online video

Videos are contents that embrace all the systems of communication: words, colors, sounds, images are concentrated in a dynamic format capable of quickly and directly explaining any message. This is not the only advantage of video because, digging deeper, there are many others. First, let's look at how social has evolved since the first few years of landing on the web: what do you notice? Remember how important photos and written content used to be? Well, today, with the advent of platforms such as Tik Tok and the arrival of Stories, it seems that videos have become the main objective of the most important global platforms.

Consumers, or rather users, have responded very well to this novelty and, in fact, it is no coincidence that an anomalous social network such as Tik Tok has been so successful in a very short time. To tell the truth, the push has also come from the pandemic that has forced us at home to sit on our hands. The smartphone has turned into a TV that never stops, on which you can find tutorials, TV series, hilarious movies, social complaints, dances and any other kind of content.

Video marketing

For all these reasons, even the most trend-conscious brands have decided to invest in this form of communication, not to mention aspiring influencers or bloggers who have seized this important opportunity. Nowadays it is almost no longer necessary to own an expensive and powerful camera because, after all, smartphones allow you to shoot perfect videos and edit them with tools within everyone's reach, such as free video editors.

Of course, by using video editor plus software you'll get more professional results and, contrary to what you might think, you don't need to be an expert to be able to use them at their best, you just need to read all the information and instructions on the official website of the program you intend to use to make professional videos.

In practice, you just need to upload a shot and open the tools desk to cut, speed up, color or slow down the images, getting professional results in no time. Clearly we are not discrediting those who make professional videos for work, but we are reflecting on a trend that affects the entire industry. For professionals, the existence of movie video editors is not a problem at all because this type of software also simplifies their work a lot.

Video is the most important resource of the moment

After all, video simplifies understanding and immerses you in any topic in an accessible, fast and direct way. Video-based socials have made communication experts realize that you can send any message in less than 15 seconds, taking advantage of the latest editing and post-production techniques. Audio, musical effects, cadence and color are the elements that we don't perceive in their singularity but become the mix of a great effective and unequivocal communicative whole. The video sells a product, raises awareness of a message and entertains people by making them move, inform or entertain.

After all, we must not forget that YouTube remains the second most clicked website in the world and that every day it grinds out hours and hours of new content in addition to the content that has already been present for a decade. That's why anyone who is planning to start an online business or would like to improve their organization's communication should definitely invest resources in video marketing. The pandemic has accelerated the importance of this branch to the point of making it almost central and, precisely for this reason, it's good to think now about how to apply it to your interests without running the risk of coming in last. We are living in times of great changes and, precisely for this reason, it is necessary to know how to observe reality and foresee the best strategies to come out successful from the crisis.