Socratic, the app that does your math homework for you

Socratic is a free app, available exclusively for iOS users, that helps students understand and solve math problems

Maths is one of the most hated subjects by pupils. In elementary school everything seems very simple: addition, subtraction and some multiplication. But in high school everything becomes very complicated: trigonometry and functions. Hours and hours of study without being able to solve anything. Now, thanks to the Socratic app, even math will become easier: just frame the function and the app will solve it in no time.

This app, specialized in solving math tasks, is designed exclusively for iOS users. The app doesn't just solve math problems. That is, it doesn't just give the exact result. But it also explains to the student how to solve the questions, analyzing the steps to do in a clear and precise way. The developers explain that the main goal of the app is to help students understand math and not to provide them with a quick and easy solution to homework.

How does Socratic work

At this point the question is legitimate: how does Socratic work? That is, how does the application solve all the problems. Very simple to solve the task just take a picture with the phone's camera. Although alternatively the problem can be entered manually with the keyboard. Once you complete the step, just hit enter and the app will start performing the task explaining step-by-step the resolution of the function. Socratic not only supports math but can also answer some chemistry, history and physics questions. It is better than a simple Google search because it also provides related topics and in-depth explanations. Socratic is a free app that can be easily downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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