Sony, a new portable PS on the way at E3 in June?

According to several rumors, the Japanese video game giant will take advantage of the Los Angeles stage to present the PSP 3

With the approach of E3 2017, which will be held in June, video game aficionados are expecting big surprises from Sony. According to leading experts in the video game world on the stage in Los Angeles, the Japanese company could also present a new console.

It is not yet clear what Sony will present in Los Angeles. However, the rumor seems to be well-founded, also because at the same U.S. exhibition on video games Microsoft will present the powerful console Project Scorpio. According to some experts close to Los Angeles Sony will present a new PlayStation 4 Pro, in its slim model. For others it will already be the turn of the PlayStation 5. The most persistent rumors, however, talking about a new portable console. And it would be the new PSP 3. A choice that would be very sensible for Sony, given the recent competition brought by Nintendo with its new hybrid console Switch.

The new portable console

According to some sources close to Sony before the U.S. game fair, the PSP 3 will be presented in a private event in China. While according to a recent report the Japanese gaming giant has made an agreement with AMD for the use of the APU Bristol Ridge. Obviously for the moment these are just rumors and nothing is sure. We'll have to wait until June 13, at 3 a.m. (Italian time), to know if Sony will present a new hardware or not.