Sony launches the new PlayStation 4 Pro. Video and images

After the PlayStation VR, Sony presents on the market the update for its flagship console: support for 4K resolution and a power never seen before

With Christmas approaching, Sony launches the highlight of this 2016: the PlayStation 4 Pro, an update of the next gen console that implements support for 4K resolution and HDR technology, improving the quality of images and the fluidity of video games.

The Japanese company has focused everything on the power of the hardware: the PlayStation 4 develops a power equal to 4.2 teraflops thanks to an octa-core processor with a power of 2.1 GHz, 8 GB of DDR5 RAM (with the addition of 1GB of DDR3 RAM dedicated exclusively to extra-ludic applications in order to free up space to process video games) and a GPU formed by two video cards, the same already used for the PlayStation 4 but with a frequency brought to 911MHz. All accompanied by a 1TB hard drive ideal for downloading games from the online store, and to save pictures, videos and conversations.

A step towards the future

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Sony has remarked over and over again that the PlayStation 4 Pro is only an update and not a new PlayStation 5: the console continues in the wake traced three years ago and only tries to improve the visual quality of video games. This explains the support for 2160p resolution (4K) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) that allow games to further refine the quality of details. Let's start with the 4K resolution: at the moment no software house has managed to develop games with such a high native resolution. For this reason Sony has developed an upscaling algorithm (checkerboard) that allows companies to take every single frame of the video game and improve its quality. The operation is simpler than it seems: the algorithm takes a 2×2 pixel square and enlarges it to 4×4. It benefits both the image quality and the fluidity of the game.

HDR is the new visual standard that in the coming years will take the place of HD. Sony has already wanted to implement it in its console to get ahead of the times, the only problem is the lack of televisions that support the new technology.

The reasons for the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro

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To many may seem strange the launch of the new Sony console a month after the release of PlayStation VR, the first visor developed by the Japanese company and dedicated exclusively to the world of gamers. Instead the choice of Sony is very logical: the VR viewer needs a great power to work at its best, a feature that at the moment can only have the PlayStation 4 Pro. In fact, the first tests carried out with the new console show that video games developed for virtual reality benefit from an improvement in graphics

Games available and compatible with the PlayStation 4 Pro

The news that will make millions of gamers happy is the total compatibility between games developed for the PlayStation 4 and the new console. In fact, the PlayStation 4 Pro automatically adapts to the type of video game: if it recognizes that the title is a few years old, it optimizes the use of hardware and "puts to rest" one of the two video cards.

Videogames developed specifically for the PlayStation 4 Pro have not been launched and will have to wait until next year for the release of Horizon: Zero Down and For Honor. But many software houses have released updates that allow you to improve the quality of video games and increase the resolution: the best successful experiment is Uncharted 4. The guys at Naughty Dog have brought the native resolution up to 1440p and have implemented support for HDR: the landscapes seem to come to life and the quality of graphics is truly exceptional. For lovers of adventure, however, is available the update of The Rise of Tomb Raider, another title that has benefited from the new power of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Release and price of the PlayStation 4 Pro

The console is on sale from November 10 at a suggested retail price of 409.99 euros.

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