Sony PlayStation 5: the record is official

According to NPD, a U.S. market research company, PS5 is the best-selling console ever in absolute terms in the first month after launch

Record numbers for Sony PlayStation 5. The new console of the Japanese giant, available on the market for just a few weeks and already unobtainable due to high demand, has completely shattered the results brought home by previous models, becoming by right the best-selling console ever in the United States of America.

After what happened with the previous model, Sony Playstation 4, history seems to repeat itself again ensuring Sony another trophy to display in the showcase. In fact, the last record holder in the same category was the PS4. At the time, in order to grab the first specimens available in stores, many people of all ages and in every corner of the globe had chosen to spend sleepless nights in front of the windows just to avoid having to wait additional time for the first supplies. This time, due to the Coronavirus outbreak that has affected the entire globe, such scenes were not repeated. Prospective gamers, in fact, had to stick to the rules and order the new console online and in stores, proceeding later to pick up or home delivery.

PlayStation 5, what are the records of the console

According to NPD, a US market research company, PS5 would be not only the best-selling console in absolute terms, so regardless of the manufacturer, but also by number of units. The same goes for the value of the takings: given the price, in line however with its direct competitor or the Microsoft Xbox Series X console, it is easy to imagine how Sony is actually dominating in a clear way the market of gaming platforms.

And say that, only in the early days, for many has been a real nightmare trying to grab a PlayStation 5 without having previously made any reservation. Sold out everywhere in online stores and unavailable for sale in physical stores, unless ordered in advance, the PS5 has made itself much sought after by its followers.

PlayStation 5, will the record last?

The next-gen console is, as you should remember, only in its first month of sales, meaning that these numbers could be subject to change over time. This could be affected by the availability of alternatives, a factor that could prove decisive in the long run, and the global count, since the data refers exclusively to the US market.

Of course, it is known that the same numbers have not been replicated, let alone approached by the Xbox Series X. Not only did Microsoft's console fail to keep up with the PS5, but compared to the Xbox One, it brought home far fewer sales in its launch month.