Sony State of Play: dates and previews of Playstation mega event

A Sony State of Play, the streaming event where new video games are announced, is scheduled for September 24. Here's what to expect

Good news for all PlayStation fans. It has been confirmed the new State of Play, the periodic event of Sony transmitted via streaming, during which are presented all the news dedicated to PlayStation. The event is set for next September 24 at 22:00, Italian time, and can be followed as always live on the official Sony channels of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch.

Sony wanted to deny the rumor that came out in recent days on the presentation of PS5 fixed for the last week of September. During the State of Play on September 24 will only talk about video games, for the moment no console is planned. What will Sony show during the streaming event? It's very likely that one of the starring titles will be The Last of Us Part II, which is scheduled to be presented on September 24. Gamers are also hoping for some news regarding Death Stranding, the new video game developed by Hideo Kojima.

Sony State of Play: what we'll see

As usual, the Sony State of Play will last about 20 minutes and will be a unique opportunity to discover a preview of new games and all the projects and content created by the first party teams of PlayStation Worldwide Studios. Sony has already officially denied that the event will not reveal anything about the new PlayStation 5, for which we still have to be very patient.

The Sony State of Play could show 4-5 new games and anticipate some new features of the titles coming later this year. September 24 is also the day when The Last of Us Part II will be presented: it's likely that a gameplay video will be shown. The chances are high that we will also talk about Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima.

When will the PS5 be released?

So disappointed those who believed they would finally see the new PS5 during the Sony State of Play. We'll have to wait quite some time before we know any more details about the new Sony console. It seems increasingly certain that the PlayStation 5 will be released on the market during the Christmas period of 2020, while the official presentation should take place early next year. The new PS5 will be four times more powerful than the PS4 Pro and will be able to support by default all video games with 4K resolution.

PS5: the price

Boccasite in Sony also on what will be the price of the new console. According to an estimate made by Deutsche Bank, the cost of production of PS5 should be around 386 and 477 dollars, which suggests a final sale price around 499 dollars. If the price will really be this we will have to see if in our country the price of PS5 will be 499 euros or about 449 euros if the Japanese company will apply the exchange rate.