Sony Xperia Pro 1 will have a sensor worthy of an SLR

Sony would be ready to present the new generation of Xperia Pri 1, the smartphone dedicated to professional photographers with a very high price

Tomorrow, October 26, Sony will present with an online event a new smartphone in the Xperia series, the one dedicated to professionals and super fans of digital photography. Perhaps this smartphone will be the new Xperia Pro 1 and will have a photographic sensor of the highest level, the size (almost) never reached before: 1 square inch.

Everything revolves around rumors, to be precise a set of images "escaped" from the marketing department of Sony, in which you see a new smartphone of the Japanese manufacturer with a huge sensor and Zeiss optics. For completeness of information, we also say that the leak comes from China and was published on the Twitter profile of I_Leak_VN, considered quite reliable. It is not the first time that a 1-inch sensor is put on the market, but there are very few manufacturers who have the experience to put to use, thanks to the powerful chips of modern smartphones, the huge amount of information captured by sensors of this size. The larger the sensor, in fact, the more light comes in and, as a result, potentially the better the final photographic output.

Sony Xperia Pro 1: the super camera

A second technical feature of the Sony Xperia Pro 1 super sensor that could arrive tomorrow will be the variable aperture of the diaphragm: f/2. or f/4.0. The text accompanying the escaped photo states, "You can shoot in the dark and get blur with high image quality." The lenses used are Zeiss Tessar T.

But this will only be the main camera, out of a total of 4 rear sensors arranged vertically, which can also be controlled with a special button that activates the shutter, located on the phone's body. But not only that, Xperia Pro 1 will also have an accessory dedicated to video bloggers and Youtubers: a special monitor to be attached to the back of the phone, to be able to see themselves during the shooting.

This monitor will be attached to a support that, in turn, can be mounted on a tripod and can accommodate a microphone on top, thanks to an additional slide. In short, Sony Xperia Pro 1 will be a phone expressly dedicated to those who do photography at high levels.

Sony Xperia Pro 1: how much will it cost

The price of the new Sony Xperia Pro 1 is not yet known, but we already know that it will be very high: suffice it to say that the current generation (pictured), launched in January 2021 and arrived in Europe in May, has an official price of 2,499 euros. As much as two well-bodied iPhone 13s.