Sony’s latest drone costs as much as a car

Sony presents the drone of dreams: it costs a lot of money but has exceptional performance even with a wind at 70 kilometers per hour

If there is a type of photography that fascinates everyone, it is certainly the one that exploits the potential of drones. If there's one brand of camera known and loved by professionals, it's certainly Sony. Put the two together and you'll understand why Sony has produced a professional drone with a very high price.

It's called Airpeak S1 and has been on the market for a few days, with deliveries starting on December 24. Its price is exorbitant for us mere mortals, but not so much for video and photography professionals, who know very well how much the best quadricopters cost. And what they can do, most importantly. It's no surprise, then, that the Sony Airpeak S1 costs $8,999, excluding camera and accessories. With nine thousand dollars, however, Airpeak S1 is a drone complete with all the functions necessary for a stable flight, precise and also very fast.

Drone Sony Airpeak S1: technical characteristics

Airpeak S1 is "the smallest drone in the world capable of flying a mirrorless camera Sony Alpha", at a maximum speed of almost 90 kilometers per hour, with a wind that pulls up to 71 kilometers per hour. In short, a portent of aviation in miniature.

The new expensive Sony drone, then, is stuffed with sensors to avoid obstacles and fly straight where the pilot asks, that with a single remote control can manage the drone, the camera gimbal (you buy separately: $ 2,199) and the camera itself (again separately: the Sony Alpha start at 900 euros and exceed 7 thousand). A complete configuration (drone, gimbal and camera) therefore has no difficulty in exceeding 15,000 euros in cost.

Sony Airpeak S1 drone: what it can do

Clearly the first customer type of Aripeak S1 is the professional photographer, but such a drone could also be useful to many other categories of people. Sony, in fact, explains that Airpeak S1 can have a lot of uses in the industrial sector.

For example, this drone, combined with a high-resolution camera, can fly around a wind farm and film every single external component of a tower very closely and with extreme precision. Maintenance of the plant, thus, becomes much more economical.