Soon we’ll be speaking “dolphin” thanks to artificial intelligence

A Swedish startup has created an artificial intelligence capable of conversing with dolphins and able to instantly translate 45 different human languages

Artificial intelligence able to analyze and understand different human languages has made huge strides in recent times. Developments so important that now with this technology it will be possible to translate animal language as well. A Swedish startup has created an AI that can converse with dolphins.

The Swedish startup that has created this artificial intelligence capable of speaking "dolphin" is called Gavagai AB. To arrive at an understanding of the language of the cute marine mammals, the developers worked side by side with the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. If the project has brought a smile to your face, you should know that the Swedes really believed in this project. They spent over four years of extensive research to understand every detail of the dolphins' communication system. Scientists said that actually learning animal language is no different than a normal human language.

Conversations between humans and dolphins

To create the artificial intelligence, the developers started from a set of "phrases" used by marine mammals that based on their position in a speech gave a particular meaning to the sound emitted by the dolphin. The developers say that this artificial intelligence will also allow humans to converse live with dolphins. Through a special chat that has been called "Chat Flipper". We will have to wait a little longer to see a mass deployment of artificial intelligence: the project is still in the testing phase and will end in 2021

Possible uses

At this point the question is legitimate: what will be the use of talking to dolphins? Lars Hamberg, CEO of Gavagai AB, said that there are several possible developments for this technology. The U.S. Navy for example is already using trained dolphins for finding people lost at sea, and also for locating unexploded mines in the water. In addition, Hamberg said his company is not only working to decode and talk to dolphins, but many other animals are also being included in this artificial intelligence project. To understand the scope of the project, which has made it possible to have a machine decode 45 different human languages in addition to dolphin, one only has to look at the $9 million received in funding by the Swedish company. Most of it came from Silicon Valley.