Sostituire un Mac con iPad Pro: perché sì e perché no

Il recente iPad Pro 2021 è costruito intorno al processore M1 di Apple, lo stesso usato per i Mac, ma potrebbe non bastare per rimpiazzare il computer


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Quanto Apple ha presentato il nuovo iPad Pro 2021, poco prima dell’estate, molti hanno urlato al miracolo per la scelta di usare il potentissimo processore M1, lo stesso utilizzato per la costruzione dei più recenti computer Mac.

La potenza a disposizione degli utenti del tablet di Apple è cresciuta in modo esponenziale, così come la capacità di elaborare calcoli complessi, pur contenendo i consumi al di sotto dei livelli di guardia, con l’effetto di garantire una durata della batteria per un’intera giornata di lavoro.

Contestualmente, Apple ha continuato a sviluppare il sistema operativo iPadOS, la versione del suo software ottimizzata per l’uso sui tablet, con l’obiettivo di sfruttare meglio tutto lo spazio disponibile.

ipad-pro-2021.pngFonte foto: MisterGadget.Tech

Perché scegliere un iPad Pro

Sono molte le ragioni per cui alcuni utenti potrebbero avere una spiccata preferenza per iPad Pro rispetto ad un computer Mac, la prima è sicuramente quella della qualità del suo schermo. iPad Pro 2021, in fact, in addition to the M1 processor, also introduced the use of a miniLED display, a panel of the highest quality, with an unprecedented brightness.

For the consumption of multimedia content, but also for the processing of photos and videos, iPad Pro has become a complete tool, capable of performing tasks until some time ago unimaginable.

To prove what we're saying, just edit and edit a video with the Lumafusion application: applying effects and rendering the final processed video takes very little time and the functions available to those who work are very similar to those found on a computer.

The infinite availability of applications of all kinds could be another good reason to choose to use an iPad Pro instead of a Mac computer. Not to mention that many of these apps can be used with the Apple Pencil, integrating an amazing professional tool that doesn't work on a computer.

Another really impressive detail is that of battery life, which can run for a full day of work, even when you ask the iPad Pro to perform multiple functions at once.

Not least, but particularly important, is the iPad Pro's ability to connect to the internet through a SIM card, without the need to use wifi. Despite multiple versions and many generations, Mac computers are still excluded from this possibility.

Finally, we point out a peculiarity that sometimes is not thought of but that represents a huge advantage for iPad, the touchscreen: Apple never wanted to build the computer with a screen that reacted to touch, it is not easy to understand the reasons, but probably the main one lies in the differentiation between computer and tablet. Being able to use the touchscreen, in many situations makes work easier, immediate and instinctive.

Why choose a Mac computer

Despite the many and undeniable merits of the new iPad Pro, there are still many reasons to choose Mac, taking advantage of all the power of the macOS operating system for your work: the first and foremost remains in our opinion the flexibility of use, an aspect that has improved on iPad but is not yet at the level of a computer.

Just think about the possibility to drag and drop files: it seems a triviality, but this is a type of action that is not yet possible with Apple's iPad and in everyday use it can make a difference.

There's also an issue with peripheral compatibility, which sees computers today offering much more flexibility than a tablet.

The keyboard is another detail that sees Mac computers today still a step ahead of an iPad Pro tablet, although the latest keyboard cover has greatly improved Apple's offering in this area. In any case, typing long texts on a Mac is much more convenient and comfortable.

As a last detail we add the possibility of infinite adjustments of the screen inclination, which is still one of the most obvious advantages of using a laptop compared to other electronic devices.

In our point of view iPad Pro with the new Apple M1 processor can replace a Mac computer in many situations, but not all. To get to that point, we need to make some changes to the operating system that make it more flexible and less closed off from the outside world.

But there's one thing we can say for sure: whatever you choose between an iPad Pro 2021 and a next-generation Apple computer with the same M1 processor, you'll always have the efficiency and power to get the job done.