Soul, what the new Pixar Christmas movie on Disney+ is about

The magic of Christmas 2020 comes streaming with the new Pixar animated film directed by Oscar winner Pete Docter. Here's what it's about and how to watch the movie Soul.

The tree is almost finished, the presents are already wrapped, the Christmas Eve dinner will be more intimate but no less impressive: in short, everything is ready to celebrate Christmas 2020. Only one thing is missing: a good movie to watch on the evening of December 25, perhaps together with the closest family members.

No problem, this has already been taken care of by the Disney+ platform that just starting from Christmas Day will stream the latest masterpiece signed Pixar Animation Studios. It's called Soul and is already destined to capture the hearts of the public, just like it happened with other cult titles, starting from Toy Story up to Up and Inside Out. In short, the small works of art created by the brand of the Walt Disney Company are really a lot. Soul is therefore preparing to be the animated film of Christmas 2020. A big responsibility, but surely the end result will not disappoint expectations. Here's what it's about and how to watch it online.

Soul: what's the new Pixar film

For the realization of Soul the company has relied on some of the best known and respected professionals in the industry: first, the film is directed by Oscar winner Pete Docter and co-directed by Kemp Powers, while the production is assigned to Dana Murray, nominated for an Academy Award for the short Pixar Lou.

The animated film is developed around a question: what really makes us ourselves? What are the characteristics that can identify us immediately and without confusion?

The theme is handled through a plot full of magic and twists. The streaming movie tells the story of Joe Gardner, a musician and music professor who is one step away from realizing his dream, which is to play in a major club in New York.

His plans are interrupted after a misstep of his, which takes him away from the streets of New York and makes him arrive in an unknown and magical place, the Ante-World. This is the place where new souls prepare to enter the Earth, here they choose and develop their passions and personalities.

Joe, after discovering this world, wants to go back and succeed in realizing his dream. To do so, he allies himself with a precocious soul called 22, who is very reluctant and does not understand what the appeal of living on Earth is.

They will embark on an inner journey that will allow both to better understand the meaning of life and the soil of man on planet Earth.

Pixar Soul film: how did the inspiration come about?

But how did the idea for such a profound film come about, what led to its genesis? Pete Docter, the director and Chief Creative Officer of Pixar Animation Studios, told us:

"It all started with my son, who is now 23 years old. The minute he was born, I realized he already had a personality of his own. Where had it come from? I thought that personality developed through interaction with the world. Yet it was pretty clear that we are all born with a unique and specific perception of who we are. In our history. Everyone is born with a soul. And these souls don't arrive unprepared: they are formed and given a personality and interests."

In short, this will be a really perfect movie to watch during this Christmas, a little unusual and different from others, but definitely useful to calmly reflect on the soul and personality of each of us.

Soul: the Italian voice actors

The Disney+ movie will be dubbed by some of the most famous Italian actors: Paola Cortellesi will lend her voice to 22, while Neri Marcorè will be Joe Gardner. Jonis Bascir will be the voice of the barber Joe, volleyball player Paola Egonu will play Sognaluna. There will also be influencers Paola Turani (Maria Antonietta), Marta Losito (Rachel) and Giulia Penna (Juliet).

Italian audiences will then have fun guessing the voices and recognizing the voices of their favorites within the animated film.

There will also be the song "Vero Amore" performed by David Blank as special content.

Soul as mentioned will arrive on Disney+ on December 25, 2020.