Space Force, the Netflix TV series renewed for a second season

The series conceived and played by actor Steve Carell has been successful especially in the USA. Space Force will return for a second season

Space Force is the Netflix TV series that takes inspiration from an initiative of the President of the United States: on December 21, 2019 Donald Trump established a new military force called the United States Space Force and aimed at protecting the presence of the U.S. in space. From this idea would be precisely born the satirical content conceived by Steve Carell and Greg Daniels.

The first season consists of 10 episodes of about half an hour and tells in an ironic and funny way what are the objectives and activities of the Space Force: the starting points are realistic but the decisions are often made in a reckless way and this leads each episode to showrane grotesque and unrealistic scenes. The content landed on the streaming platform in May 2020 and has been quite successful. According to the latest rumors, Netflix would be willing to renew the TV series: soon we will be able to see a second season.

Space Force 2: new rumors

According to reliable sources, the irreverent series captained by Steve Carell will soon return to streaming with new episodes. The official news from Netflix is still missing, but it should come in the next few weeks. In fact, despite the less than enthusiastic critics, the public has really appreciated the content that, immediately after the publication, entered the Top 10 TV series in the United States, remaining among the top positions for quite some time. It was also followed in Italy, but did not have the following as much as other titles.

What is Space Force about?

Space Force tells the story of Mark R. Naird, played by Steve Carell, a multi-decorated American general who dreams of making an important career leap and becoming the commander of the Air Force. His dream seems to come true when he is chosen to lead the Space Foce, a military force tasked with managing U.S. activities in space.

The work events are immediately intertwined with the private ones: Mark Naird is forced to move from Washington to a small town in Colorado, where the air force base is located, and this causes the discontent of his family. His wife is even imprisoned for an alleged crime she committed in the town, while his relationship with his daughter Erin becomes complicated.

Not only that, the general also has problems with his ramshackle work team. Nevertheless, he tries to accomplish his main task: to transfer astronauts to the moon and from there take control of Space on behalf of the White House.

How to watch Space Force

Space Force is available exclusively for all Netflix subscribers. To stream Space Force you need to launch the application, enter your credentials and press on the banner dedicated to the TV series. A tab will open with all available episodes and pressing the Play button will start playback.