Sparked is Facebook’s new app to find love on video

Facebook is developing a new online dating app: it's already in the testing phase and it's different from all the others.

The new dating app signed by Facebook is almost in the home stretch. It will be called Sparked and will allow users to meet, study and find their soul mate through a system of video speed dating, completely revolutionizing what was previously seen among competitors already in force on the market.

This is not the first time that the social network of Menlo Park launches into an adventure dedicated to the search for love. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg's platform has already developed "Facebook Dating", another application with a more traditional cut launched in 2019. Integrated to Facebook, the previous system is in fact based on an algorithm that tries to put in contact users who, in their profiles, have shown similar interests and passions in common being in close geographical areas (if not, even, in the same city); a hook, this, which can help to create conversation cues especially during the early stages of acquaintance, usually among those considered more complex.

Facebook Sparked, how it works

Unlike apps like Tinder, OkCupid or Bumble based on the system of swipe profiles, or the dragging of photos to the right or left of the screen to show an appreciation or disinterest in the user, the new Facebook app focuses everything on the meeting vis-a-vis, albeit virtual, between those directly concerned. Everything follows, with some exceptions, what usually happens in live speed dating meetings.

In fact, the meeting screen brings together users residing in the same city, during mini appointments that are held in variable time slots but tend to be of short duration, in which to discuss the most interesting topics in order to learn more about what could be your future partner before moving on to the next participant. Facebook has stressed that the key to these meetings is kindness and that, to join the platform users, candidates will undergo an evaluation process carried out by "real human beings" and not cold algorithms.

The scheme, therefore, wants to break with the mechanics that currently govern the world of online dating, where decisions on interest in a person are made in the span of a few moments, just the time to swap on the photo that is presented before your eyes. The idea is that of a safe environment, completely dedicated to the search for a partner worthy of the name.

Facebook Sparked, release date

At the moment Sparked is available for download in the United States for users enabled to beta test the main features. The events organized for meetings between users are in fact still few, with the most recent one organized in Chicago that has collected 47 subscriptions in the pre-registration phase. Obviously, the trend is to soon increase the number of speed dates, once the app will be fully operational and can be extended, if Facebook deems it appropriate, to other areas of the globe.