SpayPainter, the smart spray can guided by your smartphone

Do you like to draw but you are not good with spray cans? Don't worry SprayPainter, an accessory that connects via app to your smartphone

Would you like to paint or draw something with a spray can but you're not used to using them? No problem, now there is SprayPainter, a small accessory for smartphones that will guide you during the realization of your drawings with spray cans. In short, being creative is easier.

Thanks to an app for smartphones and a small device to be applied on the spray can, this tool will help you paint anything you want, even if you have never used a spray can before in your life. How does it work? Simple, the device that you apply to the can will be connected with the image we want to draw in the app on your smartphone. When the LED light on the device turns on it means we have to release the paint on the canvas or wherever we decide to draw, when it turns off it means we have to remove our finger from the spray and not give any more color.

How SprayPainter works

(Taken from press release)

There will be no need to choose preset images in the app, because we can directly upload the drawings, thus deciding to make whatever we have in mind. Moreover, thanks to this device, which supports most of the spray cans on the market, we can draw almost anywhere. On walls, painters canvases, t-shirts and even on our van or on the shutter of our store. The app that will guide us through the work works on both Android and iOS devices. To work, the smartphone must be pointed at the canvas or surface where you want to draw the image. From the app we'll be able to select the size, colors and even some small features of the drawing. It will also be possible to work with other people at the same time on the same project. Since the devices can be connected on a single application. The cost of SparayPainter is 250 dollars. A little more than 230 euros.

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