Specdrums, the smart ring that turns colors into sounds

They are Bluetooth devices that connect to your smartphone that can recognize colors and reproduce the sounds associated with them through the dedicated app

Close your eyes and imagine turning a color into a musical note. Now open them and take a look at Specdrums, smart rings through which you can play sounds, simply by placing them on surfaces with different chromatic tones.

Specdrums brings together technology and music and does so in a truly innovative and fun way. These special rings, in fact, are able to translate a color into a sound: just tap the finger in which the wearable device is inserted on a color. You can use the "palette" made available by the company (a sort of keyboard that includes 12 colors) or alternatively (and this is the most interesting element) reproduce the sounds by tapping on any colored surface. How do Specdrums work? Simple. The smart rings must be connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone.

The smart rings

An important role, so that the magic can be generated, is played by the dedicated application. Not only does it allow you to attach the rings to the mobile device, but most importantly it serves to associate a color with a sound. All you have to do is start the Specdrums app, touch the ring with the color you want to memorize and assign it a sound. Specdrums provides you with a wide selection of melodies and musical instruments that you can use to put sounds and colors together. You can, for example, play animal sounds or associate a color with a customized sound.

The application can manage up to 10 smart rings simultaneously. Specdrums is not just a wearable device to have fun with. The rings, thanks to Bluetooth, can be connected with many other music applications, some even used in the professional field.

Specdrums is compatible with Android and iOS, also leaves the possibility for developers to create other applications with which to associate the rings.

Launch date

To finance Specdrums was launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, one of the main crowdfunding platforms, where the company has set a goal of reaching $ 15,000. Sum far exceeded, although there are still several days to the closing of the campaign. The first devices will begin to be delivered between October 2017 and January 2018.