Speed limits also arrive on Android Auto: how they work

Android Auto is ready to add speed limits to the app. Here's how it works and what to do

More and more users are connecting their smartphones to their cars via Android Auto and using them to listen to music, get directions and to use the other tools that the application provides. Like all applications in the world of the green robot, Android Auto is in full evolution and always continues to add new features.

The latest in chronological order goes to help all drivers around the world. In fact, on Reddit there have been several reports of users who have noticed the introduction of speed limits during navigation. Google would then be engaged in a project designed to help people to respect the highway code. Android Auto becomes an increasingly sophisticated system, designed to transfer the experience of your smartphone to the screen in your car. Just start Google Maps from your cell phone and all the directions will be transferred to the car's display.

Speed Limits on Android Auto: What are the features?

Google Maps for Android Auto is one of the most widely used navigation services. It is reserved for those who have a smart system inside their car: in this case you can connect your phone to the car's display and view all the apps, such as Spotify. Alternatively, you can start the app and use it on your phone while driving, safely and effectively.

Android Auto with time has been enriched with new features, and now speed limits are also popping up, useful for avoiding accidents and fines. The tool has existed for some time on Google Maps for smartphones, but now it can be enjoyed on the car app as well.

Android Auto: who noticed the novelty?

The novelty was noticed by many users who posted the report on Reddit. To view the information, just connect the Google Maps app to Android Auto and use it while driving. The indication of the speed limit will appear on the screen in real time and will be positioned in the lower right corner of the interface. The user who took the picture, also captured the weather icon, another useful feature of the system.

There is currently no official communication from Google, but probably the feature will reach all devices by the end of the year. All the users who have reported the novelty are mainly from the United States and Europe. The people who have noticed the appearance of speed limits are already many and many claim to use it profitably. In short, after the problems with other functions, such as answering calls and implementing Google Assistant, it seems that Google wants to create a complete and effective navigation system even for those who have a smart car. All that remains is to wait for the feature to arrive in all cars and witness the impact it will have on roads and highways.