Speedtest smartphone: Iliad lags behind the others

According to Speedtest Intelligence research data, Italy ranks 46th in the World for download speed

Speedtest, an application used by millions of people to know the speed of the Internet connection of their phone card, has published the data of "Speedtest Intelligence", a research that collects information from smartphones to know the speed of donwload and upload around the World. In Italy, the research has taken into account the four main telephone operators: Tim, Vodafone (plus ho-mobile), Wind Tre and Iliad.

In addition to comparing the download and upload speed of the various countries, Spedtest Intelligence has also analyzed the speed offered by each operator. It has done so through the "Speed Score", a value that includes the measurement of upload and download speeds. Through a particular mathematical formula, the algorithm developed by Speedtest assigns a unique score to each operator. Thanks to the data collected by the application (1 million unique users, 5 million tests), the best operator in Italy is Tim with a Speed Score of 34.87, while the worst is Iliad with 17.75.

Italy stopped at the pole

The first data provided by Speedtest's research concerns the improvements or worsening of download and upload speeds compared to the previous year. In Q4 2018, download speed in Italy decreased by 2% compared to 2017, while upload improved by 3.9%. Minimal differences. These results place Italy in 46th place in the world ranking of the average download speed and 78th place in the one dedicated to the average upload speed.

In the more than 5 million tests carried out, an average download speed of 28.81 Mbps and 11.40 Mbps in upload was recorded.

Tim, Vodafone, Wind Tre and Iliad: who is the fastest?

After the general overview, it is possible to analyze in detail the results recorded by each operator. Speedtest's research assigned each operator a Speed Score derived from the measurement of upload and download speeds.

The fastest operator in Italy is Tim which received a Speed Score of 34.87, followed by Vodafone (plus ho-mobile) with a score of 30.83. Vodafone's result also includes tests carried out by ho-mobile users, the MVNO created last year by the telephone operator. Removing the data from ho-mobile, Vodafone reaches a Speed Score of 32.63. The other operators are more detached. Three has a Speed Score of 19.96, Wind of 19.20 and Iliad closes the group with a score of 17.75.

The fourth Italian operator still suffers in terms of speed and signal coverage: the arrival of 5G, however, should improve the situation and increase the speed of download and upload.

Regional results

The research "Speedtest Intelligence" also offers a cross-section Region by Region. Emilia - Romagna is the fastest region in Italy, while Basilicata is the slowest. On average in the North of Italy we find a better situation compared to the other areas of the Peninsula.

Situations are also different in the 10 main Italian cities: Bologna, Tornino, Bari and Florence offer a better service compared to Catania (the worst), Rome and Genoa. Also in the big cities Tim and Vodafone are the two phone companies to offer a higher download and upload speed.