Spotify adds a feature to find new music

Spotify has a huge catalog and discovering new music compatible with our tastes is not easy: that's why the feature "What's New" is coming.

Spotify never stops: it is just these hours the announcement of the feature introduced by the streaming service that, shortly, can be used in the official application. This is a particular feature that will allow you to discover new music and podcasts, an introduction much awaited by the public to navigate more easily among the more than 50 thousand hours of content that are added daily to the platform.

The communication of the latest feature in order of time was given by the service itself from the pages of the blog, with a post in which they were shown all the main features of the ingenious gimmick that will soon be available to members. The feature designed by the platform will give the opportunity to find the content of favorite artists just released and included in the huge library of music and podcasts of Spotify. In fact, the feed of what has been called "What's New" ("What's New") will be updated in real time, so that users can immediately receive notifications about the addition of songs by singers and bands or episodes of the most popular shows.

Spotify, the features of the new function

To enter the section that helps you keep an eye on your favorites without missing a single one of the latest releases, simply tap (or click, if you access it from a computer via browser or application) on the bell that will be positioned at the top of the Home tab. If there are elements that have not yet been displayed, a blue dot indicator will appear above the icon.

In the "What's New" area it will also be possible to take advantage of some useful filters that will allow subscribers to organize the display according to their needs and tastes, both for music tracks and for episodes in the case of podcasts. It's easy to stay up to date on what's new: just go to the artist's or audio show's page and press the "Follow" button at the bottom left under the opening image.

Spotify, when will the feature arrive

As confirmed by Spotify with the dedicated blog update, it may take a few weeks before the feature makes its appearance on all devices. At the end of the wait, however, both Android and iOS device users will be able to use "What's New" at any time to listen to new offerings from the music and podcast scene around the world.