Spotify Blend is now for everyone: how it works

Spotify Blend is the music streaming service's new playlist that stimulates bonds between two people, whether friends or lovers: here's what it consists of

Spotify makes available worldwide the new Blend playlist, whose main purpose is to produce interesting alchemy between the tastes of different users. Spotify Blend allows two users to compare their favorite songs, find out if and what affinity exists between them and generate a unique playlist from each other's tastes.

Spotify Blend was already available at the beginning of June, but only in beta version. Right from the start, the Swedish music streaming giant understood the novelty as a way to allow two users to merge their music preferences into a single (shared) playlist, a sequence of tracks created specifically for them and about them. This facilitates the connection between two individuals, be it a friend, a loved one or a love affair, with music put there to strengthen - and has done so since time immemorial, it must be said - the bond between people. As of today, Spotify says, the Blend playlist is available to all subscribers, both those who use the service for free with the Free version and those who pay for the Premium experience.

Easily identifiable Blend playlists

Spotify Blend includes new covers that make it easy to identify each of the Blend playlists, "taste matching scores," Spotify writes, a definition that we could understand as the degree of musical affinity, and again the ability to share on social data and statistics based on each pair of users taken into account.

"Blend, which will be updated daily and adapt based on listeners' streaming, combines the best of Spotify's personalization capabilities and collaborative playlist functionality into one shared playlist, making it easy for users to get into a shared listening session made just for them," writes Spotify, which points out that getting to Blend was no walk in the park.

"Music brings people together"

"There were dozens of people across the company who worked hard to bring Blend to life," said Arjun Narayen, Product Manager at Spotify. "I'm fortunate to be part of a team that is passionate about shared listening and believes that music is something that can foster a connection between people. Part of my role in bringing Blend to life was to pave the way for our talented engineering, design, and insights teams to bring ideas to the table and then help arrive at a product that is simple, fun to use, and easy to understand."

Echoing him is Jen Lamere, Senior Engineer at Spotify:  "I spent a lot of time listening to the feedback we received on Blend and collaborating with other engineers on the team to figure out how to improve and expand Blend. A lot of our challenges were aimed at trying to create the best possible product."