Spotify Connect becomes free

The famous music streaming app has just released the Connect feature, to listen to songs from speakers, even in its free version

Turnaround for Spotify. The famous music streaming app has just announced that its Connect service, to connect the app to a compatible speaker, will also become available for users using the free version.

It must be said, however, that most users will not have access to this new feature as of the next few hours. Speaker manufacturers, in fact, will have to update their devices with the latest SDK of the music streaming service, so that people can connect the Spotify app with the speaker and listen to streaming music. But what is Spotify Connect for? This feature, which has been present within the service for years now, allows us to remotely manage various speakers and loudspeakers, and it's the first time it's been made available outside of the premium package.

Spotify for free is getting richer and richer in features

In addition to remote management of songs, with this new feature we can connect a smart speaker such as Google Home or the brand new (for Italy) Echo by Amazon, and transmit the music playing on our phone or our PC on these speakers equipped with artificial intelligence that have an optimal sound quality.

Spotify Connect for free version is just one of the latest new features designed by the developers of the famous streaming music app to expand the offer beyond the paid package. Recently, in fact, Spotify has released in its free version a series of playlists, optimized on previous listens, that a user can listen to by skipping all the tracks they want. In the past, on the other hand, a user without a paid plan could skip a maximum of six tracks every thirty minutes in any playlist.  Sure, Spotify Premium has superior audio quality and allows downloading tracks for offline listening, all features not present in the free variant, but in recent times even Spotify is making numerous concessions to its non-subscription users.