Spotify for Android: here are the new features that make it more similar to Apple

Spotify has announced lots of new features for its version on Android, from listening to tracks outside the application to new features for podcasts

To use a pun, we could say that Spotify changes its tune. In fact, with the latest update for Android smartphones, the famous music streaming application is getting closer to the Apple version, introducing numerous new features.

Thanks to the new update, we'll be able to import songs saved in our device's library to listen to them on Spotify. In practice, from today we can listen to our songs saved on the Android smartphone, even the rarest ones and those of independent groups not present on Spotify, on the music streaming app. With this change, Spotify will become not only an audio streaming application, but also a media player to listen to the songs saved on the device without having to use other tools or applications.

All the new Spotify features

In addition to the new function to play external songs from the application's catalog, as already mentioned, there will be many new features in the last few hours for Spotify Android. First, we'll be able to download an episode of one of our favorite podcasts and listen to it later. To do this there will be a new button next to the podcast episode, identified as Save for Later. This is a very handy feature if we're about to go on a trip and don't want to waste Internet data on streaming the podcast. The custom playlists that we'll see in our Spotify library also change, from now on the app will create special playlists not only based on our listening but also based on our favorite genres or tracks to let us discover new ones. There will also be new search filters for music and podcasts, which Spotify hasn't revealed yet, and a new user interface in the Albums section, with a black theme and favorites being added with a heart-shaped icon.