Spotify for Android: Sleep Timer stops playing songs

Sleeping in while listening to Spotify will no longer be a problem. A new feature, in fact, allows you to schedule the interruption of music playback

Good news for Spotify users who like to listen to music in bed, before falling asleep: the feature "Sleep Timer" is coming, which, as the name implies, is a timer that automatically stops the playback of a song after a number of minutes. In this way we can listen to music, or a podcast, when we are falling asleep knowing that Spotify will stop itself at the set time.

To spot the new feature, at the moment only on Android, was the known leaker Jane Manchun Wong who announced the news on Twitter writing "Spotify for Android is testing Sleep Timer for songs". In reality, however, it is very likely that if this feature will really arrive it will be activated even during the playback of entire playlists and not just individual songs. Hinting at that, are the different timer options that can be set shown in the tweet by Wong.

How Sleep Timer works on Spotify

From what you can see in the shared screenshot, you will be able to stop the music after 5, 10, 15, 30, 45 minutes, 1 hour or at the end of the track. You won't be able to choose a different time than the ones provided, nor will you be able to set the timer to a specific time. However, since there are very few tracks that last 60 minutes, it is to be expected that the timer will be activated even while the playlists are playing. If that's the case, soon Spotify will have more and more playlists of relaxing music to listen to before going to sleep.

When will the Sleep Timer arrive on Spotify

As always happens in these cases, it's not certain that a tested feature will arrive quickly on the official version of the app, nor that its operation will be exactly as we see it today. Wong, however, is usually a reliable source, and if she shared this news, it's unlikely that Sleep Timer will wait much longer. On the other hand, it's a feature that's very easy to implement, very useful and requested by users and that can only increase their appreciation towards Spotify.

More Spotify features coming soon

The Sleep Timer is not the only feature that Spotify could implement in the official app: a few days ago, in fact, news circulated that the world's most used music streaming service could open up to the use, legally and officially, by two users at the same time with the same subscription. It would be, to be precise, a new type of membership called "Premium Duo". It would be a sort of extension of the already existing Premium subscription (which now costs 9.99 euros) that with a figure equal to 12.49 euros per month will allow two different accounts, but belonging to two people living at the same address, to have both Premium features. To this would be added the possibility to "mix" the musical tastes of the two thanks to a new type of playlist called "Duo Mix" which includes songs compatible with the musical tastes of both. A sort of "couple playlist" for music lovers.